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Kid Covers The Hunger Games Fan Event: My Son Is Making His Media Debut!

My son got the chance to head to work with his Auntie in Los Angeles, CA where they covered The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Fan Event on November 17, 2013. This is a guest post by MJ and his Auntie Laurina, maybe my little guy will be ready to jump into the world of media, write and cover press events!


Young Reporter MJ for mommyGAGA.com for the Hunger Games Catching Fire fan event in Los Angeles


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Fan Event, Los Angeles, CA


MJ was given 3 tasks as a reporter at The Hunger Games: Catching Fire fan event. He did an amazing job!


kid taking notes at The Hunger Games Catching Fire Event


Task 1: Take some notes.
We started in the green room for a VIP meet and greet. There were lucky contest winners inside that got their own private meeting with some of the actors in the movie. The cast members that we saw were Sam Claflin (Finnick Odair), Jena Malone (Johanna Mason) and Jeffrey Wright (Beetee). MJ took notes here.


Giant gold mockingjay prop at The Hunger Games Event



Task 2: Take some photos.
When we got outside, there was a fan autograph table set up where fans could stand in line and get their posters signed. MJ took photos of the fans in line waiting to see the cast. They were also setting up for the LA premiere of the film and he got photos of them hanging up the Catching Fire props. The gold mockingjay prop was so heavy they had to bring in a crane to lift it up!



Fans at The Hunger Games Catching Fire Event in Los Angeles, CA


Task 3: Conduct an interview.
When MJ got to the front of the line, he had an interview question for Sam Claflin and he wrote down the answer for this breaking news story.

MJ: “What do you do in the movie?”

Sam Clafin: “I do a lot of fighting and I save the hero.”


MJ interviewing Sam Clafin, Hunger Games Catching Fire Event, Los Angeles, CA


Kids notes from interview with Sam Clafin, Hunger Games Catching Fire


He also got a poster autographed by all of them.


The Hunger Games Catching Fire Autographed Poster


Every reporter needs their own intern/poster holder, so he looked to his sister Mari for assistance. Both reporters got a cool gift bag with a poster, a Catching Fire pin, a t-shirt and a special issue of US magazine for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!


Girl helping at The Hunger Games Fan Event


A special thanks to The Hunger Games actors and crew for having this fun fan event and to his Auntie Laurina for making this experience possible!



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