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DIY Holiday Gift Wrap With Kraft Paper: An Eco-Friendly Alternative

This cute DIY holiday gift wrap with Kraft paper project is such a fun way to be eco-friendly and get creative at the same time! This is one of my favorite Christmas gift wrapping ideas.

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap With Kraft Paper: An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Holiday gift wrap ideas

It’s November and that means the holiday shopping season has begun. Now if you’re someone who prides themselves on being eco-friendly then you may want to consider how you will be wrapping these newly purchased gifts. Sure most paper is biodegradable, but what about the ribbon, and how many trees were used when making this wrapping paper?

Try Christmas kraft paper gift wrap!

No worries, there is an eco-friendly alternative when it comes to wrapping your loved ones a new gift. If you want to know how to wrap gifts creatively, you’re going to have to go outside of the norm and try something new – kraft paper! If you love a good DIY project (we definitely do, these DIY holiday photo coasters are fun to make, too!), give this kraft paper gift idea a try.

Chritsmas Tree wrapping paper diy - Kraft wrapping paper Christmas

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap with Kraft Paper

Natural and unprocessed, Kraft is the ideal tool for the creative gift-wrapper. Not only is Kraft paper 100% recycled, unbleached, and completely biodegradable, but it can be used for any celebration due to its neutral appearance. We have created two unique ways to dress up your kraft wrapping paper for a one-of-a-kind look. Here is a great Kraft paper gift wrapping tutorial for you to try, one of my favorite DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas!

Materials needed:

  • (1) roll brown Kraft wrapping paper
  • Kraft twine (red)
  • green cardstock paper
  • Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays gift tags
  • glue

Holiday Gift Wrap With Kraft Paper - Fun Christmas gift wrapping ideas

Step One – Wrap your gifts with kraft paper

Cover gifts with Kraft wrapping paper like you would any other wrapping paper. If you have Kraft paper gift wrapping leftover, don’t worry you will use the rest of it in a bit.

Step Two – Tie on the twine

Measure out the red Kraft twine to create the bow and tie the whole look together. We put the twine slightly off-center to make room for the other decorations. Before tying the bow, loop on the Merry Christmas gift tag.

Step Three – Decorate your gifts

Be sure to upcycle any leftover snippets of your kraft paper gift wrapping by cutting them into ornament and stocking shapes and decorating them with colored pencils. You can even utilize the string from the gift tag or leftover twine and attach the ornaments with it.

How to wrap gifts creatively - making paper trees for this unique kraft paper holiday gift wrap ideas

To create the tree – Take the green cardstock and fold it into fourths (so it resembles a windowpane). Cut out one of the squares, this will be the size of your tree. Next, fold the paper accordion-style along the longest edge. Once you are done, pitch one end of the paper. Secure this pinched section with glue to create the 3D triangle shape. For added flair, you can add white paper for garland on the tree and color in a piece of kraft paper as a tree trunk.

Attach the tree and mints with glue. The result: cute Christmas packages that are homey and festive – the perfect vibe for the holiday season! This is one of my favorite gift wrapping ideas for Christmas, I love how these turned out!

DIY Christmas Holiday Gift Wrap with Kraft Paper

That’s it – you have DIY holiday gift wrap!

There you have it – two different ways to dress up your holiday gifts. Ecological and economical: what more can you ask for? So instead of buying separate wrapping paper and accessories for each occasion, get a roll of Kraft paper and let your originality shine with this fun holiday gift wrap with Kraft paper DIY project. Your gift recipient will thank you for this one and so will Mother Nature.

A special thanks to Jam Paper for this cute and eco-friendly gift wrap idea!

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