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5 Reasons To Visit Japan with Your Family

There are so many good reasons to visit Japan! I have never been, but I am thrilled to share the beauty of Japan and all about Japanese culture, food, scenery, and more. It’s on my travel bucket list as a must-visit destination!

Reasons to visit Japan - Winter Festival in Japan fireworks at night

Visiting Japan – food, culture, and more

Being part Japanese, I have always wanted to visit Japan. As a child, I heard a few stories about Japanese culture, the food, the people, and the customs. I remember my mom telling me that she never got the chance to go visit. Her mother is from Japan and moved here when she met an American soldier, so they had their children in the States.

The culture in Japan

I have been browsing through Tsunagu Japan, an informative site that shares Japanese culture with the world. I mean, I always have the itch to travel, but reading through and learning about Japan is making it even more desirable!

I grew up eating Japanese food here in the U.S., but that’s just not enough. There’s so much more to experience, and I intend to take my family to see it all.

5 Reasons To Visit Japan With Your Family

Baked sanma fish - Japanese foods to try

Food in Japan

I believe that food is one of the top driving factors of most of my travel decisions, and Japan is no exception. I love Japanese food, udon, nigiri, sushi, and miso soup, are favorites and I can just imagine how amazing the original versions would be.

I also want to try sanma, it’s a seasonal, sword-shaped fish that is plentiful in the fall. You can eat it grilled, baked, fried, or as sashimi, and my goodness it looks delicious! Can you imagine how fresh the seafood is?

Nagasaki Kunchi Festival in Japan

Experience Japanese culture

The culture in Japan is so much different than what we’re used to in the U.S. From their art, fashion, etiquette, and religious customs, it’s all so unique to any other country in the world. They celebrate life in a very colorful and artistic way, costumes and performances are dramatic.

Nagasaki is one of the top places to visit in Japan. I would love to be here when the Nagasaki Kunchi Festival takes place in the fall, dating back to the 1600’s. It looks like such an amazing display of culture and life, I really want my children to be able to appreciate these differences. Did you know that it’s rude to sit with your legs crossed in Japan?

Rice Fields in Japan

Scenery and views in Japan

In addition to the hustle and bustle of the big city of Tokyo, Japan has many other areas with gorgeous scenery. There are tons of scenic locations, and the greenery of the parks and the rice fields look stunning.

Also, take in the gorgeous views of the ocean and the floating islands in Seto Inland Sea, Naoshima, and away from the water, you can enjoy the Fall leaves in many places around the country.

Railroad in Japan, Tsunagu Japan

Transportation in Japan

Where we’re used to driving cars as our main mode of transportation, it seems as though Japan has a huge transit system that is widely used among the locals. The Japanese Commuter Train System is one of the popular train lines with various routes. It is estimated that you’ll ride a train 70% of your travel time in Japan! The commuter train seems to be more of a subway, but they also have a traditional railroad train service. What an experience!

Origami Japanese Art paper

Celebrate Japanese Art

The intricacy of Japanese art is absolutely flooring. It seems as though they have a knack for small trinkets, all full of details. Everything becomes art, the architecture, statues, fountains, walls, and smaller things, such as little edible creations, paper, wood, china, and even a banana!

Origami, the intricate folding of square paper into different objects, was a favorite of mine growing up. I also want to see the art of pruning bonsai trees, such a neat art!

Time to plan your visit Japan!

I love to explore new cultures different than my own, Japan is definitely one of the top destinations that is worth a visit. The big cities and small towns are so different, we’ve got to explore them all! I know zero Japanese, and I can’t wait to be immersed in the language. Udon, commuter trains, and karaoke, here we come!

Open up your eyes to the world, and plan your trip to visit Japan. We hope you learned more about traveling to Japan!

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