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Holiday Travel with Kids: Portable Car Seat Makes Transportation Easy

Bubble Bum portable booster seat

Planes, trains, automobiles!


When taking a holiday vacation or visiting relatives with the whole family, flying, driving, and riding are inevitable. You’ve gotta get there somehow, right? Some¬†methods of transportation have child sized seats, MOST DO NOT. The trains, shuttles, taxis, private cars and subways that I have been on do not come equipped with car seats. Instead of lugging that huge convertible car seat along with your travels, take this portable and compact travel car booster seat: the Bubble Bum.


Child sitting in Bubble Bum portable car booster seat

The Bubble Bum is the first inflatable booster seat on the market. Crash tested and compliant with US Federal Motor Vehicle Standards, this is such an easy seat to take along wherever you go. You simply blow into the valve on the underside of the seat and position the seat belt through the red seat belt restraints. Roll it up and take it with you when you travel, or keep an extra in the back seat of your car when you might need it for grandma, carpooling, or for¬†another friend on a sleepover on a play date. It’s made for children 40-100 lbs.


Bubble Bum Portable Travel Car Booster Seat for Kids


This¬†seat comes in bright colors and ensures that your child’s seat belt fits properly across their chests. Kids can carry their own seat in their backpacks, my son was happy to! We tried out the seat at home, you can pretty much put it in any vehicle, fitting 3 in the back seat! My three year old was bummed that she couldn’t test it out, safety first.


Installation of the Bubble Bum car travel booster seat
Kid sits in Bubble Bum seat

Car passenger safety for kids


Even big kids need to sit in booster seats in order for the seat belt to restrain properly. 57″ tall is the magic number, so until then, be sure your kids are safe while in the car!¬†Here are some child passenger safety facts that you should know:


  • Car crashes are the¬†2nd¬†leading cause of death in children aged 4-10‚Äč
  • Out of the 1,000 parents of children aged¬†4-10 surveyed,¬†9 out of 10 are allowing their children to merely use a seat belt without a booster¬†before they are big enough.
  • The research also found that¬†7 in 10 parents do not know what size a child should be to ride in a car without a booster seat.
  • Children more than 40 lbs. should use a forward-facing, belt positioning booster seat with the lap belt fitting low and tight across the lap/upper thigh area and the shoulder belt snug across the chest and shoulder until they are¬†57‚Äô and between 80-100 lbs.
  • Booster seats can¬†reduce the risk of serious injury by up to 45%¬†compared to standard seat belts.
  • Children who wear seat belts, but should be in a booster, are¬†at risk for severe abdominal, head and spinal injuries¬†in an accident.
  • 1 in 5 parents say they ‚Äúbend the rules‚Ä̬†when it comes to carpooling and allow children to go without a seat belt or go without a booster seat they are usually accustomed to.


Bubble Bum portable travel child car booster seat

When you’re traveling, you NEED a size appropriate booster or car seat for your child. Make it a little easier on yourself, grab a Bubble Bum and pack it in your carry on luggage. Traveling with kids has never been easier! ¬†Thanks so much for sending out a review unit, Bubble Bum!

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