Silly Sentences: A Fun, Free Word Game for Toddlers and Kids

I love challenging MJ as much as possible with letters, words, numbers, shapes and a host of other preschool related projects and activities. His little mind is absorbing so much, I feel that I must keep the stimulation alive! We play a fun game involving words and reading that MJ simply loves: Silly Sentences…

[First, you should know that we have been using flash cards with MJ for a while now. We started with letters and the sounds they make, then graduated to short words and sounding them out. We added more and more words as we went along, and pretty soon, he had memorized many of them. If you toddler does not read yet, you can start with letters and short words accompanied with pictures and teach them from there. As they progress, add more.]

Silly Sentences
Ages: 3+
Focus: Reading and Sentence Structure

You Will Need:
Paper or Flash Cards
Marker or Pen
A Wild Imagination!

How to Play:
Write a few fun words onto different flash cards. Use various, yet simple nouns (pig, dog, car, man, arm, kid, egg), verbs (eat/ate, jump, kick, run, put, come, go, see, do) adjectives (hard, nice, big, soft, cold, cute) and conjunctive words (if, and but, the, a, an, at, for, or) so that proper sentences can be formed. The older the child is, the more difficult the words can be.

Shuffle them around on the table or floor and pick out a few words. You should go first to set an example of how they should choose different words and place them correctly to make a sentence. The sentence does not have to make complete sense, that’s the fun of the game! Just be sure that the nouns, verbs and other words go in the right place. Have your child read the sentence out loud for a roaring laugh!
MJ’s sentence (which, by the way, he thought as the most hilarious thing in the world):
“The monkey is a tree”

I particularly like this game since it’s educational, fun, silly and free! When we play, MJ can’t wait for his turn to make another sentence and he gets a kick out of reading sentences that we make. This game works on his reading and sentence building skills, crucial for preschool and kindergarten readiness. Take turns going back and forth, or get other children involved for a great, educational time!

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