Spa Washcloth Cupcake Baby Shower Favors Tutorial – Homemade, Simple and Cute!

I was looking for baby shower favor ideas for my shower that I had this past weekend. I volunteered to make them since I love doing that sort of thing, and since everyone else had their hands full with the rest of the planning. I needed cheap baby shower favors for about 40 people, this one was a toughy!

I always see little diaper cakes, cupcakes, candies and washcloth favors, but I didn’t think that they would make a functional gift for my guests. After all, I would be the one who would need those things! I came across a cute spa theme and decided that I could combine the two to make cute, functional homemade baby shower favors! Hence, the Spa Washcloth Cupcake was born!

Spa Washcloth Cupcake Baby Shower Favors
Makes 45 baby shower favors
  • 135 tea light candles (50-pack for $2.29 at Walmart)
  • 45 baby washcloths (4-pack for $1 at Dollar Tree)
  • 45 Flower Soap Petals (9-pack for $1 at Dollar Tree)
  • 45 Cupcake Liners (100-pack for $1 at Dollar Tree)
  • 45 Clear Cellophane Bags (100-pack for $3.99 at Michael’s)
  • 4 Spools of Ribbon (One 9-yd spool 99¢ at Walmart)
  • 45 Thank You Tags (optional, I printed these at home)
  • Tape
I started by folding the washcloths longways in thirds. Stack three of the tea lights, lay them on their side and roll them into the washcloth starting at the end. Secure with a small piece of tape at the bottom so that it does not show (will be covered by the cupcake liner).
    Be sure that the candles are pushed all the way down to the bottom so that it stands freely and so that there is room at the top to stick the flower soap petals into. Place the washcloth baby shower favor into a cupcake liner.
    Drop the washcloth favor into a cellophane bag, secure at the top with your choice of ribbon and a thank you tag. Simple and cute!

If you are looking for unique baby shower favors, this one was a hit! I definitely saved a bunch of money and had fun making these baby shower party favors. Guests can actually use the candles, flower soap petals and washcloths if they please. I ended up spending about $35 on everything, that’s only 78¢ per favor! If you have a larger budget, you can get creative and add to these to make them bigger and even better. I had a couple left over, so I may just line my bathtub with candles, run a hot bath and soak in the flower petals! Have you seen any other variations to these Spa Washcloth Cupcakes? Have any other baby shower favor ideas? I’d love to hear about them!

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  • OMG! Thank u so much! These are so adorable. I’m planning my best friends baby shower for next month, I’ve never done it before and I want it to be really special….but I dont have the largest budget. This is such a cute & practical idea.

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