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Beautiful Baby Shower, We Found Out It’s A…

My baby shower was this past weekend and it was wonderful. My sister and mom got together and threw a small and quaint shower for our friends and family to celebrate the arrival of our little one. It was on the patio of a nice restaurant here in sunny San Diego, where light appetizers and hor’dourves were served. We all had a great time, and we even played a game that revealed the sex of our baby!

See, at our fetal anatomy ultrasound, we had the doc check out the baby’s parts and seal the gender in an envelope. To ease my husbands temptation to open it, I gave the envelope to my sister who lives in LA. She orchestrated a fun and unique baby shower game to reveal the baby’s sex to everyone.

I don’t have a name for it, but it was basically pin the diaper on the baby, only backwards. My sister blew up a huge picture of a baby and covered it with diaper cut outs. Guests were then blind folded and spun around and sent to remove a diaper from the baby. Once they got to the nitty gritty, it revealed the diaper area of the poster where the diaper on the baby was shaded…


That’s right, were having a girl! Aaaahhhh! I am so used to the roughness that is MJ (and his daddy), I have no idea what I am gonna do with a girly girl! I suppose we’ll figure it out soon enough, I am at 7 months already and I am ready to get her up and out and into this world! Check out the shower photos below, enjoy!



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  • Oh you're little bump is so cute and your family is lovely!

    I found your blog on Double Duty Divas. Following you now 🙂

  • Cool a girl. Someone to share the girly girl things with, like pretty flowers, and bows in the hair, ruffles and ribbons on the clothes.
    Share family recipes with that can be handed down to the next generation. I say a big happy congratulations on your soon to be bundle of frilly joy.

  • Congratulations on your girl!!! That is so exciting and will be so much fun. I have one of each too and love the differences in both. What a wonderful shower you had and that sounds like it was a fun (and maybe a bit funny) game to find out what you're having. Congrats again and I hope the rest of your pregnancy is filled with excitement.

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