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5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips That Will Change The Way You Feel Every Day

Personal health and happiness are so important, and as parents, it gets hard to keep up and be sure we’ve done enough for ourselves! I have made life changes in the past few years that have made me feel amazing – I have more energy, I feel well rested, less stressed and so much more lively each day and I am so glad I started paying attention! Try some of these healthy lifestyle tips to see how it affects your mood.

I know, I know, life is busy and weird and rough and we rarely have the time to do for ourselves. I get it. But it is so important to keep ourselves healthy and happy, so that we’re at our best for our families. You don’t have to run 5 miles, nor do you have to start an insane diet to live little healthier each day. Here are a few of my top healthy lifestyle tips that will have you feeling refreshed and more productive each day. Oh and also, you might even lose some weight!

5 healthy lifestyle tips that will change the way you feel EVERY DAY

1. Eat breakfast

This one is so easy to over look. Maybe we’re in a hurry, or just not hungry in the morning, but eating breakfast is a definite MUST. It really gets you going by starting your metabolism, and helps you function in the morning. Shoot for nutritious grab and go items, please don’t skip it, your body needs food!

2. Go outside and move

There’s nothing like some good ol’ fresh air, it feels so good to soak up some sun rays and breathe a little. Make it a point to head outdoors every day, whether you’re walking around the block, visiting a farmer’s market, walking to the nearest park bench or hiking a nearby trail, you’ll be moving and breathing!

Top Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Feel Better Every Day

3. Hydrate properly

I love drinking ice cold water, but I must admit that I have a sweet tooth and I crave sugary drinks sometimes. Instead of choosing the wrong beverages, I am starting to take Naked Cold Pressed Juices around with me while I am on the go. Naked Cold Pressed Juices are made with the highest quality fruits and vegetables, and have no added sugars or preservatives, making these juices great to keep on hand for when I get thirsty at work, at home, or even while on the move!

4. Self care time

I know it’s important to take care of our kids, spouse, and all of the other facets of our lives. Make it a point to give yourself 30 minutes each day, all for you. This could be before bed time, when the kids are at school, during a lunch break – whenever. Do what you love. Catch up on the latest book you’re reading. Enjoy a glass of wine. Go and get a facial. A pedicure. Take a candle lit bubble bath. Something. Whatever relaxes you and floats your boat – do you, friends.

5. Sleep

I know that many adults skimp on sleep to make sure everything gets taken care of, but it’s time to adjust your bed time! Plan your day, and get to bed earlier. When I started doing this, I thought it felt odd to turn in at 9pm as opposed to my usual midnight bed time – I had so much to do! In the morning, I was up and at ’em, felling refreshed and ready for the day. So, it’s lights out at 9pm, and it’s awesome.

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Make it a habit to incorporate these healthy lifestyle tips into your daily routine. I truly see a difference, I am productive when I feel lively and good about myself. I am physically and mentally available and present, no matter what I am doing, and that’s important to me. You owe it to yourself to live stress free, happy, and healthy!

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  • Eating breakfast is definitely one of the most important things to do each morning. I love having a cup of bulletproof coffee first thing in the morning. It keeps me so energetic during the day! It’s also a great pre-workout fuel.

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