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Summer Pool Safety: Puddle Jumpers Life Jacket For Kids Offers Peace Of Mind and Swimming Fun!

Water safety is important, and Puddle Jumpers Life Jacket for Kids help keep your young kids safe while swimming this summer! This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Stearns Puddle Jumpers®. All opinions are 100% mine.

Summer swim safety - Little girl swims with her Puddle Jumpers Life Jacket for Kids!

My little girl has been doing her absolute best at trying the swim along with her big brother. The only problem: she doesn’t yet know how to swim.

I tried to explain this to her, but for some reason, she still tries going just a little deeper, deeper, deeper, until she’s almost under water. NO MA’AM. I stay in the pool with her to try to teach her how to kick, float, hold her breath, and make sure there are no accidents, but I know that she is ready to jump right in with big brother! The solution – Puddle Jumpers life jackets!

Summer Pool Safety: Puddle Jumpers Life Jacket For Kids

I feel a little more confident about her in the water when she wears her Puddle Jumper. Made by Stearns, the Puddle Jumper is a flotation device for kids that supports the upper body for young swimmers. Made for children from 30-50 lbs, Puddle Jumpers are coast guard approved and designed to help with flotation without decreasing the child’s mobility. The arms are slid into each arm hole so that the animal in front on the child’s chest, and secure the adjustable snap in the back. It fits her perfect, my daughter is about 40 lbs.

Look at her. She can kick, paddle, stand and even jump into the water safely with no obstruction, and she is loving it! Water safety is super important, and with the onset of summer, we will be spending many of our days at the pool and beach. I really hope she learns to swim on her own this year, but we will be using her Puddle Jumpers life jacket to be certain that she is having a fun and safe time!

Visit Stearns Flotation to learn more about Puddle Jumpers, they come in so many cute designs that kids love! Talk about peace of mind, I don’t have to worry about her little dare devil antics with this! We got ours at Walmart, so keep an eye out on your next visit. You can grab one of these cute styles on Amazon for your kiddos, too!

Could your little one use a Puddle Jumpers Life Jacket for kids?

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