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Vtech Safe & Sound Pan & Tilt Color Video Monitor: Extra Eyes For Active Babies and Busy Moms

By contributing writer Mariel Concepcion


I received the Vtech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor to review with my family. All opinions are my own. I love how I can keep an eye on my son, it is a great addition to his room!


Vtech vm333 safe and sound video baby monitor

When my husband suggested to me it was time for our then four-month-old son to graduate from his co-sleeper, which sat conveniently on my side of our bed in our bedroom, to his OWN crib in his OWN room, this new mom went into panic mode. I began to ponder many unsettling possibilities: is he too young? Will I hear him if he cries? How about if it gets too cold? Or too hot? Lord, help me.


Vtech Safe and Sound Baby Monitor Screen



But, my husband, in true, laid-back, worry-free San Diego form, immediately calmed my nerves, providing¬†a simple yet effective solution: ‚Äúlet‚Äôs get a baby monitor,‚ÄĚ he said. And, boy, was that a life-saver for¬†this worry wart newbie.¬†Five months later, now a work-from-home mother of an active, speed-crawling,¬†almost-walking ten-month-old explorer, I got the chance to test out the Vtech Safe & Sound Pan &¬†Tilt Color Video Monitor.¬†I jumped at the opportunity to find out what new-and-improved features it has¬†to offer.

The Vtech Safe & Sound Pan & Tilt Color Video Monitor has a bunch of standard modern-day baby monitor benefits. The automatic infrared LED allows you to see your baby even when his room is completely dark, and it has a microphone, which allows parents to speak to your baby via the device without having to physically walk to his or her room. This monitor also has many other perks that make this particular baby monitor not only perfect for moms with infants, but busy moms with active toddlers, too.


Baby monitor on the crib


In terms of basic must-haves, the Vtech Safe & Sound has all the works: a five level volume, the capacity¬†to pan, tilt and zoom so you can see when your guy or gal is moving about in his crib or in his room, a¬†high resolution 2.8‚ÄĚ color LCD screen, and a rechargeable battery with low battery alert in the parent¬†unit. It‚Äôs the extras that makes the Vtech Safe & Sound monitor stick out among the rest, though.


Vtech’s Safe and Sounds Video Baby Monitor Highlights


Let’s start with the first: a temperature sensor. This stuff is genius! This being a huge concern of mine since my son started sleeping in his own quarters, I find this feature to be especially helpful. What I’ve found is that my son’s room only drops two degrees by the time morning comes, which makes me feel much more at ease.

Another thing I find especially handy about the Vtech is its wall mount. I know, it sounds super insignificant, but, trust me, this is the kind of stuff that you thank the stars for once you have an infant that stands up in his bed and can knock the monitor down if it sits on the crib’s ledge, or, furthermore, a crawling or walking toddler that can reach wires (and maybe likes to put them in his mouth to see what they taste like, which is my case). The wall mount makes this already sleek device even more inconspicuous!

Lastly, the Vtech has a couple of options that more effectively allow you to ‚Äúhear‚ÄĚ your baby whether¬†they are asleep or being rambunctious in their playrooms. Even if parents choose to keep the volume¬†on the parent unit, they can activate a vibrate feature which will go off at the sound of, well, sound. This¬†is super helpful in the middle of the night, especially if you‚Äôre a heavy sleeper and need more than one¬†mode of alert to wake you.


Vtech video baby monitor

If there’s one complaint I have about the Vtech Safe & Sound monitor, it’s how long it takes the picture on the parent unit to become clear (about five seconds). You can miss a lot in five seconds with these busy babies! Otherwise, the Vtech Safe & Sound Pan & Tilt Color Video Monitor is worth the investment as it can be used from infancy on.


Great video monitor, highly recommended!


Learn more about the Vtech Safe & Sound Pan & Tilt Color Video Monitor and how you can keep an eye on your little ones with ease. Follow along with Vtech on their Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest accounts for more products and information.


This review was written by contributing author Mariel Concepcion, a California transplant, born and bred in New York. As an entertainment journalist, she has covered some of the biggest events and is published in multiple highly respected outlets. Mariel is adapting to her new life as a mom and wife in the Cali sunshine.

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  • How loud is this monitor? I have a video monitor that is super quiet, even at the highest volume. I don’t hear it right away, and when I do, I can see that my baby was crying for a long time from him sweating.

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