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Easy Holiday Party Appetizers: Cheese, Cracker and Sausage Christmas Tree

We are so excited for the holidays, and this cheese, crackers, and sausage Christmas tree appetizer is definitely coming with us to our next holiday event! 

Easy holiday party food - Sausage, cracker, and cheese Christmas tree appetizer -- We are so excited for the holidays, and this cheese, crackers, and sausage Christmas tree appetizer looks amazing!
Headed to a holiday party this season? Need a tasty and fun Christmas appetizer? I saw a Halloween version of a pumpkin made of food somewhere, then I saw this Christmas tree and I HAD to make it for myself! This has got to be one of my favorite Christmas appetizer recipes. It’s super easy and affordable, too. This is also a fun Christmas craft idea for kids. My son had a blast helping 🙂

Cheese, Cracker and Sausage Christmas Tree Holiday Appetizer

Cheese Cracker and Sausage Christmas Tree Appetizer


Note: I did not put any specific amounts or measurements in the ingredients above, you can use more or less of whatever you want when crafting your tree.

Easy holiday Christmas tree appetizer

Make it!
1) To get started with this Christmas tree appetizer, cut the cheese and sausage into desired shapes. I used squares for the cheese and sliced circles for the Summer Sausage. Be sure to cut a a few extra pieces of cheese for the tree’s stump and 5 cheese triangles to make the star at the top of the tree (including 1 tomato). Wash the cherry tomatoes and parsley and allow them to dry thoroughly. Set everything aside.

2) Grab a large plate, cutting board, flat dish, or whatever you are using to serve the appetizer. Starting at the bottom of the plate, lay down the cheese first to make the tree stump, then add some tomatoes, a row of parsley, then cheese, then crackers, then sausage, all the way up. Be sure to make the rows at the bottom of the tree the longest and shorten them as you go up to get that nice triangular Christmas tree look.

3) Once you have gotten close to the top, seal it off with a little parsley and create the star at the top of the tree with the 5 triangle pieces of cheese and the single tomato. Make sure everything lines up nicely, you should now have a complete Christmas tree appetizer!

Easy Sausage, Crackers and Cheese Holiday Christmas Tree Appetizer

Please DO try this at home! MJ helped me make it and wanted to eat it as we went along, he had a great time. It’s definitely a favorite, both healthy and tasty, and you can use this version or get creative and use any other foods. Very cute and super simple to make! Have fun and enjoy!

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