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5 Amazing Things to Do At Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

These fun things to do at Disney’s Hollywood Studios make it so much fun to visit this theme park! You will love these WDW attractions at Hollywood Studios.

Disney's Hollywood Studios entrance sign, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Fun Disney Hollywood Studios attractions

When I was at Walt Disney World for the Zootopia movie press event, I got the chance to visit every theme park, and I had such a good time at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! From the Disney-inspired rides, to the live shows and spectacular events, Disney’s Hollywood Studios attractions are so much fun. There’s Disney magic everywhere you look – bring the whole family and find something great for everyone!

Disney's Hollywood Studios Crossroads of the World tower at the entrance

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a theme park like no other. Dressed in the glitz and glam of old Hollywood, California, it’s vintage look, fun attractions and amazing theater shows make this a must-visit theme park during your trip to Walt Disney World! There are so many things to share, I cannot wait for you to see them in person!

5 Fun Disney’s Hollywood Studios Attractions

There are a lot of cool, new attractions coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. A Toy Story land is in the works, which should be a big deal. Two new rides and an expansion of the Toy Story Mania ride, a favorite, will be awesome!

Also, they already have Star Wars Launch Bay attraction running, but they’re adding to the force by creating a brand new Star Wars Land, which is going to be insane! Once these two new attractions open, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is going to be the most popular park at WDW. Mark my words! Check out what I did at Disney’s Hollywood Studios…

1. Strolled down Sunset Blvd. and looked at all of the details in the vintage decor

Disney's Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World, Sunset Blvd view of the Hollywood Tower

I love the way they’ve made the buildings look on Sunset Blvd, it’s just how Hollywood looked back in the day! Entertainment seems to be the focus of this park, and it shows here. Look down to the end of the road and see the spooky Hollywood Tower Hotel. No, I did NOT ride it!

Disneys Hollywood Studios, Walking down Sunset Blvd.

2. Hung out with Stormtroopers at Star Wars Launch Bay

Disney's Hollywood Studios, Star Wars Launch Bay

This is one of the new Disney’s Hollywood Studios attractions, and it’s proven to be super popular! This space is full of all of the Star Wars games, movie props, videos, costumes, memorabilia, art, and more.

Stop into the theater for a behind-the-scenes look at the whole Star Wars saga, and meet and greet with Kylo Ren and Chewbacca – be careful, Kylo Ren might be in villain mode! Oh, when you’re walking around, stay out of the way of these guys – Stormtroopers! We hung out for a few minutes, then they told me to “scram, we’re¬†patrolling¬†the area!”

Disney's Hollywood Studios, Star Wars Storm troopers patroling the streets

3. Hopped onto Toy Story Mania, a 4D carnival-style adventure!

image: Disney

This is one of my favorite rides!¬†Ride and shoot moving targets at this midway-style, 4D shootin‚Äô game starring your favorite Toy Story characters. Toy Story Mania has cars that fit 4 riders, they spin around back and forth keep track of your score, and battle the person in your car to see who can get more points! I lost this time, but I’ll get her back! This ride is a fan favorite, it will be in the new Toy Story Land.

4. Dined behind the scenes at the backstage Prop Shop room

Disney's Hollywood Studios, Prop Shop Backstage event room

Now this was a very cool experience. The Prop Shop room is located backstage at the Hollywood Studios theme park and is an old prop storage space transformed into a special event room! There are so many amazing Disney classic pieces taken from discontinued rides, parade floats, shows, and other attractions, everything has a story.

I saw Simba and some of the hyenas from an old Lion King show, Mickey Mouse was everywhere, and I think I saw a large Nemo from an old parade. So much history in this room, it is available to rent out for special events that need a little Disney charm.

Disney's Hollywood Studios, Old Lion King show Simba sleeps in the Prop Shop backstage room

5. Ended the evening at Symphony in the Stars dessert party with fireworks!

Disney's Hollywood Studios Symphony in the Stars Star Wars themed fireworks show

End the day with fireworks at Hollywood Studios

It had been a long day, but ending our evening with dessert and fireworks was a wonderful way to end it! The Symphony in the Stars dessert party starts right before the fireworks show and offers special reserved viewing with delicious sweets and treats.

The whole dessert party was decked out in Star Wars decor, they had a huge spread of cupcakes, cookies, krispy treats, ice cream, and even fruit kabobs and snack items available. I love these Darth Vader chocolate pieces on these cupcakes! Also, Disney knows how to put on a fireworks show, don’t miss the Star Wars themed Symphony in the Stars fireworks over the Chinese Theater!

Disney's Hollywood Studios, Darth Vader cupcakes at the Symphony in the Stars dessert party

Visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios attractions at Walt Disney World!

When you’re planning your trip to Walt Disney World, make sure to add a day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios¬†to your must-visit list!

There are so many things to do at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the attractions are so awesome, and they are going to get even better in the coming years with the new additions of Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land – this place is really the home of all things Star Wars! Plan ahead, grab fast passes for all of your favorite rides and shows, and enjoy your time at Disney!

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