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Where to Get The Best Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza In San Diego

Looking for the best deep dish pizza in San Diego? Regents Pizzeria is the place to be! They have the best Chicago-style pizza in the area.

Where to Get The Best Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza In San Diego

Original deep dish pizza in San Diego

We all know about the famous deep-dish pizza in Chicago and New York, but what about getting some good ol’ pie here in Southern California? Forget about a chain restaurant, and feast your eyes on this authentic pie from Regents Pizzeria!

Regents Pizzeria Menu, San Diego, CA

Devour their Chicago-style pizza

Located in San Diego, CA in the UCSD area, Regents Pizzeria makes a delicious, piping hot Chicago-inspired deep dish pizza with the freshest ingredients, tons of dough, mounds of cheese, and toppings galore. They invited my family in to try out some of their menu items, there’s really nothing like it here in SoCal!

Regents Pizzeria Restaurant, Amazing Deep Dish Pizza in San Diego, CA

Beers on tap at Regents Pizzeria

The best pizza in San Diego

Ok, so I would call in the deep dish pizza ahead of time, it does take 45 minutes minimum because it’s made on the spot. If deep-dish pies aren’t your thing, Regents Pizzeria has more Italian foods to choose from. We ordered a few different things by management’s recommendation, starting with these garlic knots. Ohmygahhhhh. DON’T SKIP THESE.

Garlic knots at Regents Pizzeria San Diego

We had the toasted goat cheese salad, it was a lovely mixed green and apple salad with goat cheese and a citrus vinaigrette. We ate it too fast! We also tried the Regents Hot Caprese, which was amazing. I’ve never had a hot version of this salad, the mozzarella is served warm in marinara sauce with a basil chiffonade and balsamic vinaigrette, unique and delicious!

Hot caprese salad, Regents Pizzeria

The kids can play with pizza dough!

My kids got to play with some pizza dough while we were waiting, ask your server and they’ll totally bring you some. She was making her own pizza here!

Girl playing with pizza dough at Regents Pizzeria

The deep-dish pizza we ordered is called the ‘Master‘. They’re not lying. It’s like a supreme pizza, only times 5. Look at this crust!

Super thick crust on deep dish pizza at Regents Pizzeria

Deep Dish Pizza from Regents Pizzeria

I really like the lively, upbeat, and family-friendly atmosphere of the restaurant. It’s pretty fun, they’ve got TVs all around so you know the game was on, and I especially like that I don’t have to tell my kids to shush a million times, the place is always packed!

Save room for Italian dessert

We went ahead and ended the night with tiramisu. To say we were stuffed is an understatement, so we took a couple of bites and saved the rest. Divine.

Regents Pizzeria Tiramisu Italian Dessert

Get San Diego’s best deep dish pizza at Regents

The next time you’re in the mood for some authentic Chicago-style deep dish pizza in San Diego, make your way over to Regents Pizzeria. They also have appetizers, subs, salads, and thin-crust pizzas, if that’s your style. With amazing food and tons of beers and wines on tap, it’s a great place to gather and enjoy an evening!

Good food. Good atmosphere. Good fun. Deep dish style.

Regents Pizzeria
4150 Regents Park Row, #170
La Jolla, CA 92037
(858) 550-0406


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