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Soup In A Mug – You Can Make Noodle Soup In Your Keurig®!


How to Make Soup In A Mug with Your Keurig® Brewer!

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Campbell's® Fresh-Brewed Chicken Noodle Soup in a mug


Did you know that you can actually use your Keurig® home brewer to make SOUP? I was thrilled to hear that Campbell’s® makes k-cups for delicious noodle soup! Move over, coffee! Campbell’s® soups are coming through!


Campbell's® Fresh-Brewed Soup® made for Keurig


I had to try this stuff out. I mean, feel like I’m always pressed for time and either myself or my kids need to grab a snack, fast. There are lots of delicious Campbell’s recipes, but I love that Campbell’s® thought of a quick and wholesome way to get soup on the table and in our bellies, stat. Just brew and go!


Here’s how to make Campbell’s® soup in a mug


Campbell's® Fresh-Brewed Soup Cup in Keurig Brewer


Turn on the Keurig, make sure there’s fresh water in the chamber. Brew one blank mug of water, just to clean any other possible previously used flavors out. Note that this soup does not taste like coffee, tea or anything but SOUP Ok?


Noodles in Campbell's® Fresh-Brewed Soups


Next, open up your Campbell’s® Fresh-Brewed Soup box and take out one of the soup packets and one of the K-cups. Pour the contents of the packet into a 12 oz. mug, place the mug on the Keurig, choose the 8 oz. brew and press the button to start.


Fresh brewed soup in a mug from your Keurig brewer!


Let it sit for 2-3 minutes, then stir. Just 3 minutes later, your soup in a mug is ready to devour!


Fresh Keurig Brewed Chicken Noodle Soup from Campbell's®


I love finding out about Campbell’s new products, innovative enough that they actually help make my life easier at snack time. My kids love their soups and ask if they can brew one and use my travel coffee cup to bring it in the car. No problem! Keep your eyes peeled for these Fresh-Brewed Soups® and follow along with @Campbells on Twitter and Like the Campbell’s Facebook page!


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