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Fever In Children: Here’s The Best Way To Treat A Fever For Your Kiddos

We’re partnering with Know Your OTCs in a sponsored post to share the best way to treat a fever for your kids. Dealing with a fever in children is no fun, learn what can cause a fever and how to break it!

Sick sleeping baby - here's the best way to treat a fever

Ahhh it’s the good ol’ cold and flu season, and the worst thing for you to bring to the holiday family gathering is a sick child with a fever! We seem to be able to push through as adults, but our kids are another story. I remember the last time my daughter had a fever, she was cranky and miserable and it slowed down the household and made us all feel for her. There are several different reasons you can catch a fever, and all fevers aren’t created equal. If you can’t 100% avoid it, it’s best to learn about treating a child’s fever so they’ll feel better and you can get on with your day.

Tired sick boy. Fever in children - what causes a fever and ways to break a fever

Fever In Children: Here’s The Best Way To Treat A Fever For Your Kiddos

What causes fevers and do I have to treat them all?

Fevers are an immune system response to an illness in the body. Colds, flus, and other infections can raise the body temperature. According to Dr. Swanson from Seattle Children’s Hospital, you do not necessarily have to treat all fevers. Fever is a natural response of the immune system – it’s a response to illness, not illness itself.” They are meant to help the body fight off infection, so if your child is otherwise playing and acting like their normal self, there is no need to treat. 

When treating a fever, how can I ease the discomfort? 

If your child is complaining about pain or is obviously experiencing discomfort, an approved over the counter medicine for children can be used. Both acetaminophen and ibuprofen are acceptable medicines, and doses are always based upon the child’s weight – NOT their age. Know Your OTCs reminds us that whenever we use OTC medicines, be sure to read the labels carefully for instructions on how much medicine to give, as well as how often to give it. Also, when mixing medicines, pay attention to the active ingredients so that you do not accidentally double dose. While it is not recommended, if you do choose to use both acetaminophen and ibuprofen for treating a fever, be sure to keep track of the dosage and time.

When should I take my child to see a doctor?

When a fever gets too high or lasts too long, you should take your child to see a doctor. Dr. Swanson recommends seeing the pediatrician if the fever persists after 3 days in infants and children, in any fever in a baby 3 months or younger, or any fever over 104. In addition, the best way to treat a fever for children under 2 years of age is to contact your pediatrician before giving any over the counter medicines. They will tell you the best way to treat a fever for your young child.

Treating a kids fever, measure OTC medicines by weight, not age

I truly hope that you do not have to deal with any fevers this holiday season, try your best to keep the germs away and stay well! If your kids do happen to get sick, you are well versed in treating a child’s fever with the steps provided above from Know Your OTCs! For more information about fever in children and OTC medicine tis for parents, visit, and follow along with them on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram!

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