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Road Trip: Cruising California’s Coastline in the Ford C-Max Hybrid!


If you have never driven up the coast of California, you do not know what you are missing.


View of Pebble Beach, California, 17 Mile Drive


Last weekend, myself and a few other bloggers got the chance to take a road trip from San Francisco, CA to Pebble Beach in Ford’s 2014 C-Max Hybrid. The views and scenery were absolutely breathtaking! There is an element of calm about the ocean, making this trip a relaxing one. I personally believe that there’s no better place to live, California has amazing weather year round, miles and miles of beautiful beaches, wineries, and so much more.


Ford C-Max Hybrid Cars


I took the drive on the way down with Terri Ann from Cookies and Clogs. I have met her in the past, but we never really got the chance to chat. She is from the area, so I was happy to have her as a guide to each destination. As we headed south from San Francisco, we used the car’s voice activated navigation system to drive down the 101’s scenic mountain views, only to trade them for ocean views when we hit Santa Cruz. We stopped at the boardwalk, then continued down to Monterey, and eventually made it to Pebble Beach.


Road Trip in Ford C-Max car, Santa Cruz beach, San Francisco, California


We arrived to Pebble Beach with an ocean view. Checking in to the Casa Palmero boutique hotel was just icing on the cake! Words cannot accurately describe it, such a luxurious and beautiful hotel with friendly staff and amenities galore! With it’s elegant Mediterranean style, Casa Palmero’s serene accommodations are individual villas, which include plush bedding, deep bath tubs, wood burning fire places, and even private hot tubs on the patios of some rooms. The hotel boasts 24 exclusive rooms, has a outdoor heated pool, spa services and is situated near golf courses and the beach. I think Casa Palmero deserves it’s own review post.


Casa Palmero Hotel Pictures, Pebble Beach, California


A few other stops included a tour of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a delicious dinner at The Bench, located in The Lodge at Pebble Beach, and exploration along the coast line down 17 Mile Drive.


Monterey Bay Aquarium Photos, Fish, sea otters, ocean view, California


Along the way, we learned a lot of cool things about the Ford C-max Hybrid. On the drive up, we had the Hybrid SE model. There are so many little things beyond the engine size, fuel economy, and other technical specs that I like about this car. I am not very car tech savvy, so I can share the aspects of the Ford C-Max that made driving it a delight…


Deanna, mommyGAGA with Ford C-Max car


  • The Ford C-Max Hybrid seats 5 passengers. The rear seats were roomy, I can see my kids sitting back there comfortably for years. If I had another child, they would fit in the 5th seat.
  • The touch screen comprises an easy to use navigation system, audio with built in SIRIUS, car climate controls, and phone / Bluetooth connection, all in one.
  • The navigation system was clear and concise. It uses verbal and visual cues take you right where you need to be, the map shows you where you are and specifically where to go.
  • There is a rear back up camera and parking assistant that beeps when you are getting to close to something while in reverse.
  • The dashboard console features SmartGauge® with EcoGuide to increase efficiency, which shows fuels usage and miles to empty. It shows green leaves when the car is at it’s most efficient peaks.
  • We’re an on-the-go family, so the USB outlets in the center console and the 110V standard outlet in the back seat were perfect for our technology use!
  • The cargo area is a decent size, although I would like to see more space. We were able to fit two roller travel suitcases, two totes, and a few other smaller bags and purses with room to spare. We could have fit two more roller suitcases on top of ours if we needed to! If you need more space, you can fold down the rear seats.
  • Ahem, 43 MPG?! Yes please!
  • The C-Max has a sleek, aerodynamic design and is nice and open. The fit was very nice, I was comfortable sitting in the car for a long period of time and enjoyed the natural light that came into the car from the sun roof and large windows.



Ford C-Max Hybrid Car Interior Photos


On the return drive to San Francisco, I hopped in the car with Jen from The Mom Reviews and we drove the C-Max Hybrid SEL. It has the aforementioned features, but also has a few more bells and whistles, including push to start button, premium navigation technology, active park assist to help with parallel parking, heated, leather seats and a foot activated lift gate to open the trunk area when your hands are full. I can only think of the many times I could have used this feature! There is also an Energi plug in Hybrid model, which combines electric motor with a gasoline engine, gets tons of MPG, and is full of technology!


I had an amazing time during our road trip to Pebble Beach, a huge thanks to Ford for inviting me along!


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