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A Visit to Cincinnati With Pampers: What Makes Their Diapers The Best?

P&G Baby Care Headquarters Pampers Blogger Day


I must share with you all about my amazing weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio with one of my favorite brands, Pampers! The fact that I can combine my love for my family and traveling is amazing to me, so I was beyond appreciative to be able to come out and visit for the second time in behalf of the brand. I have been a Pampers mom for quite some time, I used their diapers with both of my children and they have proven to be superior to the rest. Trust me, I have tried almost all of them on the market!


History of Pampers Diapers, P&G Archives Cincinnati, OH


With what seemed like a whirlwind of a trip full of events, laughs and baby talk, I have taken away a sense of comfort, care and quality associated with the Pampers brand that I have come to know and love. They truly showed us a good time, the weather was decent, we had a few good meals (ahem, Precinct),  stayed at the fabulous 21c Museum hotel and enjoyed wine, food and a little trifle making competition at Uncorked, The Art of Entertaining. We also took a tour of the P&G archives and the Baby Care facilities, which house Pampers, Luvs and Easy ups, and even got to watch the team hand make a diaper in the test lab. You have no idea what goes into the process of making a diaper, it’s actually very complex!


Pampers Baby Board Members, 2013

The Pampers Baby Board Team, photo: Mom Spotted


I have been involved with the Pampers Baby Board for a few years now, since the inaugural debut back in 2011. There is no contract, we do not get paid, nor do we get a million free diapers. The purpose of the Baby Board is to facilitate a real connection with real moms who are using their products for feedback, ideas, and ways to improve in what I believe they have already mastered: diapering. It was lovely to connect with fellow Baby Board members that I have not seen in a while, as well as meet a few new ones! It is honestly an ideal partnership that has grown to feel more and more like family.


Pampers Baby Board Dinner, Cincinnati, OhioSo often, when you think of a corporation, you think that the main goal of theirs is how much money they can pocket. While I admit that this is their bottom line, the whole P&G company, especially Pampers, actually cares about consumers, their families and the community they serve. There are a few things I was surprised to find that they do to keep their commitment of quality at a high standard…

Pampers ongoing commitment to quality, comfort and safety


  • Pampers has a team of doctors, scientists and researchers who work constantly on various issues. Their main headquarters is in Cincinnati, but they do scientific trials and research nationwide.
  • Through research, Pampers was able to identify a need to adjust their diapers to fit and absorb at higher levels. All of their diapers, Swaddlers, Cruisers, Baby Dry and their wipes, have gotten upgrades. They have since added a 3rd layer of absorbency in the core of the diaper and made it longer up the back of the diaper to absorb where blow outs tend to happen most. Pampers Wipes sheets use new micro fibers and a soft wavy pattern for a smooth feel and a gentle clean, every time.
  • There is an entire program for testing diapers on babies and toddlers. They bring families into the center and have them try out different diapers, testing for weight, size, shift, and even check the urine and poop levels to see how the diapers are performing. Pampers also has a take home program where local moms and dads can try out the diapers and record results to send in to the Pampers team. They return their poopy filled diapers for research. Ew.
  • They have a scientific lab that is pretty strict, requiring hair nets and goggles. We took a tour of the 20,000 square foot space, they test different materials, designs, and cuts of diapers for current use and innovate new products for future use.
  • Pampers makes their own life-like mannequins, puts diapers on them, simulates urine and poop in them, and takes an MRI. Yes, an MRI! They have their own machine on site, as well as a CT scanner and other medical equipment.
  • Pampers does competitor testing to ensure that their diapers and wipes are meeting, and usually exceeding the quality of other similar products on the market.


Pampers Diapers and Wipes Tests versus other brands

This just blows me away. How many brands can you say have this much dedication to providing exceptional products and genuinely care about their consumers at the same time? I met a bunch of the Pampers team and, as parents themselves, they know first hand what it is like to change a cranky baby, be alarmed by a 3am wake up call, and all of the other fun parenting trials we experience. I am proud to say that my babies will always be Pampers babies.

Thanks so much to Pampers for showing me a great time, allowing me to gain more insight about the company and sharing all of the new goodness about your products! My time in Cincinnati was great, I hope to return soon!


I have a few fun Pampers related goodies coming up in the near future, so stay tuned!


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Travel, accommodations and merchandise were provided by Pampers, no other compensation was offered. All opinions are true and my own.



  • I can’t believe you were in Cincinnati! I live right across the river in Kentucky!! Hope you had a good trip!

  • What a great recap! I agree Pampers and the P&G really go above and beyond for those they serve! I was so amazed and couldn’t be happier to be part of the Baby Board! It was great to see you and touring the Pampers HQ!

  • Thanks for the recap of your trip. I was unable to escape my mommy duties in order to attend this time, so I’ve been anxiously awaiting fellow members posts and photos on the event. I watched a diaper be made in the lab shortly before the board was officially begun, I agree iit’s far more involved than I had ever dreamed!

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