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Paper Plate Fish Craft for Kids: Make This Tropical Clown Fish!

This tropical clown fish is so cute, such a fun paper plate fish craft for kids! All you need are a few materials to make this fun fish art project.

We love this tropical clown fish, such a cute paper plate fish craft for kids! It's easy to make this fish art project at home with your family

Clown fish art project

Ok, so the summer is approaching and that means vacation time! Preferably a tropical vacation, complete with sunshine, ocean water, and tropical fish! This fun paper plate fish craft for kids will take you right into the ocean, even if you’re far away. The beautiful orange clown fish is a favorite, because, ahem, NEMO. If your kids love to paint and create, try this¬†fun and easy tropical fish craft with your kids at home!

Tropical Clown Fish Paper Plate Fish Craft for Kids

Make This Tropical Clown Fish – A Fun Paper Plate Fish Craft for Kids


  • Orange colored paint¬†¬†
  • Paper plates
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Paintbrushes
  • Black Sharpie

Materials needed to make a tropical clown fish paper plate fish craft for kids

Make this clownfish craft!

1. First, draw a few fun squiggly lines with the black Sharpie from top to bottom of the paper plate. There will be 5 lines, one that sections off the face and 4 more that will be white stripes on the fish.

2. Carefully paint the rest of the paper plate with the orange paint, filling in every other section and separated by the black lines. You should have two stripes on the clownfish and a white face. Cut a little triangle there to look like the clown fish’s mouth.

3. Next, using another paper plate and a pencil, sketch out fins for your paper plate clownfish. Use your scissors to cut them out. Once all the paint has dried, use your glue to attach the fins and googly eye to the paper plate. 

4. Lastly, use your black Sharpie to add designs and accents. You can add a bit more to your fish, using the black pen to outline your designs around the fins, or along the stripes. The sky is the limit!

Tropical clown fish paper plate craft, paint orange around the black lines, leaving white stripes in between them

This is such a fun paper plate craft for kids! I hope you enjoy it, you can totally make other tropical fish art projects on paper plates, you just need some more paint colors and a creative imagination!

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