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San Diego Padres Baseball Birthday Party for MJ

Our San Diego Padres baseball birthday party was so much fun! My son loved every minute of this fun baseball party theme and our guests had a blast celebrating.

San Diego Padres Baseball Birthday Party for MJ

A Padres baseball birthday party

MJ’s birthday was earlier this month, he’s a big 5-year-old! Being the baseball lover that he is, he opted for a San Diego Padres party, featuring his favorite MLB team.

The party was set at a local park and included a sports jumper, a fun game of baseball, Padres cupcakes, a pinata, friends, family, baseball-themed food, and fun. We had a blast! If you are looking for baseball party ideas, take a look at what we did for MJ…

The Baseball Party Decorations

I made this baseball DIY cupcake stand to match the Padres colors and theme (they have since been exclusively wearing the brown and gold colors). It was so simple and turned out very cute.

The cupcakes are a simple yellow cake with a vanilla buttercream frosting, topped with the Padres baseball cupcakes toppers I made for them. Love how they looked!

Homemade Cupcake Tower

Baseball party food ideas

We set up a fun baseball party snack table full of some of the best stadium favorites. Our baseball-themed food and snacks included hot dogs, chicken wings, cracker jacks, peanuts, licorice, popcorn, chips, baseball cookies, and watermelon. Yum!

A fun addition to this dessert table could be these baseball pull-apart cupcakes. The kids loved these when I made them for one of my son’s baseball team parties!

Baseball party snack ideas - chips, peanuts, Cracker Jacks

Homemade baseball cookies

Our fun baseball-themed party favors

The baseball party favors are homemade, MJ and I took on this project and he had a lot of fun doing it! They are plastic baseball cups filled with goodies: baseball cards, mini cracker jacks, baseball stickers, candy, and little squishy baseball toys.

To make these DIY baseball favors, We slid each favor into a clear plastic party bag and tied off the top with a ribbon, curling the ends. Very cute and affordable, we made 20 and it only cost about $36, or less than $2 each!

DIY Baseball Party Favors

Baseball Snacks - Cracker Jacks, candy

Now it’s baseball party time!

Once we got our San Diego Padres baseball birthday party all set up, it was time to party! The kids got to play a little baseball game set up by the parents, jump around in the bouncy house, and more.

Kid in San Diego Padres jersey

Kids playing baseball at the park

Playing tee ball at the park

Kids jump in the air bouncy house

We purchased a large baseball piñata and tied it to a tree at the park. The kids had a blast with this good ol’ party favorite!

Large baseball pinata for a birthday party

Kid hitting baseball pinata

Kids put pinata candy in bags

The birthday boy enjoyed his time with his friends and even a second plate of food!

Kid eating hotdog at baseball birthday party

More birthday baseball party ideas…

Enjoy your baseball party!

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