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Easy Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft – A Fun Spring Craft for Kids!

This coffee filter butterfly craft is so much fun to make with kids! If you need butterfly craft ideas, this one is a fun spring craft for toddlers and early elementary-aged kids.

Easy Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft – A Fun Spring Craft for Kids

Easy butterfly craft ideas

Arts and crafts for kids are fun and can be a great learning tool. They are not only entertaining, but they learn colors, numbers, shapes, and develop fine motor skills. We were thinking of fun coffee filter crafts to try to make for the spring and this was one of our favorite butterfly craft ideas!

Painted coffee filter butterfly spring kids craft

How to make a coffee filter butterfly craft

This cute little butterfly craft for kids involves coffee filters, watercolor paints, pipe cleaners, and only has a few steps. If you teach, homeschool your kids, or otherwise have a large group of kids to entertain, this can be a fun toddler, preschool, or kindergarten craft. For more fun craft projects, try this DIY magic sand recipe and our fun fingerprint butterfly craft.

Materials you’ll need:


Buy these assorted colored pipe cleaners, very affordable and full of all colors!


Coffee filter butterfly instructions

First, you want to grab a single coffee filter and open it up, spreading it flat on your painting surface.

It’s time to paint! Pick your favorite colors and go wild! Paint the whole surface of the filter, and be sure to have something underneath as the watercolors will go through the filter. This is a great watercolor paint and paint brush set, we love it! MJ and I painted a few different coffee filters to make a butterfly family. Baby Girl helped too, but she ended up ripping hers to shreds while it was still wet. She enjoyed painting it, though!

If you are not into using watercolor paints, you can also try making this butterfly craft with food coloring.

Painted coffee filters for butterfly craft

Put your butterfly craft together

Next, you’ll let the filters dry for about 15 – 20 minutes. If your little painter got the filter very wet, you might need to give it more time. Once the filter is completely dry, carefully gather your butterflies in the middle and pinch the backside (pictured below).

Making butterflies spring art kids craft

To make the body, take a pipe cleaner, fold it in half and slide it upwards, positioning it so that it is in the center of the coffee filter. The part of the pipe cleaner that is folded over should hold the coffee filter butterfly together, while the two open ends of the pipe cleaner should be facing up, like antennas. Twist around a couple of times at the top to secure. You can then fan out the wings and bend or curl the ends of the antennas to add a finishing touch.

People have also made their coffee filter butterflies with clothespins to hold the center together.

Tie pipe cleaners to make coffee filter butterfly

Put on the finishing touches

Then, you can curl the ends of the pipe cleaner with your fingertip. You can also use a crayon, marker, or something of the sort to achieve a different look. You can decorate more if you wish, adding eyes, little pom-poms, rhinestones, and more. I like ours just like this – it’s such cute and simple butterfly art.

Butterfly Coffee filter spring kids craft

Here’s the whole coffee filter butterfly family that we made… I love how they turned out! They would actually look really cute hanging in the window, the sun shines right through them!

Painted coffee filter butterfly spring kids craft

Enjoy making this spring craft for kids!

Here are some more spring crafts and Easter craft ideas, have fun!

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Spring crafts for kids coffee filter butterfly craft - make these coffee filter butterflies with watercolor paints and pipe cleaners!

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  • I have done this craft many times through the years with my classes except we use washable markers and spray the coffee filter with water to make the colors bleed. They always turn out really neat.

  • Did this my grade 3 and 4 classes. We used pipettes and food colouring. the children liked watching the colours mix before there eyes.

  • I enjoyed this with the kindergarten through 4th grade art classes today! We used a clothespin, and scrunched the middle into the slit of the clothespin. We glued a couple pompoms on the clothespin to make the body 🙂 So cute! The kids really enjoyed it! Some of the classes got to also do a felt butterfly.

  • we did these at work with the kids we used water colors and put a clothespin in the middle as well and put a picture of the kids face on it for the butterflys face and glued a magnet to the back. they came out adorable!

    • Jess, I also have used this to go along with the story the Hungry Caterpillar, but what I did was have the children make the face and put antenna on the clothespin to represent the caterpillar and we would wrap the caterpillar in a paper towel and hang them to make the chrysalis. I would then have the children make the coffee filter wings and leave them to dry. I would make a little tear in the paper towel chrysalis that the children would see, signaling the upcoming event. That evening after the children have left I attached the wings to the clothes pin and placed the butterflies around the room. When the children come in the next day they are so excited to see that their caterpillars have turned into beautiful butterflies.

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