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DIY Beaded Snowflake Ornaments – Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids!

These DIY beaded snowflake ornaments are such fun Christmas crafts for kids. We’ve been decorating the house, shopping for holiday gifts, and even cutting down our own Christmas tree this year, so it’s safe to say that my family is into the holiday spirit!

DIY Beaded Snowflake Ornaments - Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Cute DIY snowflake ornaments!

My kids love to get creative with various crafts, so it was only right that we make something that fits the holiday season. We loved decorating the Christmas tree, so I thought it would be fun to make some homemade snowflake ornaments! This easy holiday craft is great for kids, my toddler and my 6-year-old both enjoyed making their own personal ornaments and hanging them on our tree.

Our snowflake ornament craft

You can create your own snowflake ornaments with your kids at home, you only need 3 materials! Here’s how to make them, this is a great pipe cleaner Christmas craft and a fun snowflake activity for toddlers. Also, for more family fun, get into the spirit of the holidays with these fun family Christmas movies!

DIY Beaded Snowflake Ornaments for Kids


Step 1: Create your pipe cleaner snowflake ornaments frame

Choose two pipe cleaners, any colors you like, and cut them in half. Note that the colors you choose will be the colors that show when the ornament is finished!

Make an X with two of the pipe cleaners, then lay the third under the middle of the X, folding the left side to the right, then the right side to the left. Take the last pipe cleaner, place it in the up and down position, and fold it across the middle the same way you did the last one. Try to make each side as even as possible.

how to make beaded snowflake ornaments

Step 2: Make the DIY snowflake ornaments hanger

Next, you’ll need to identify the longest side, this will be the hanger. Thread on about 6 – 8 beads, leaving about an inch at the end of the pipe cleaner. Fold this end into a loop.

Beaded snowflake ornament instructions pipe cleaner craft

Step 3: Thread on the beads

Place the beads onto each of the remaining pipe cleaners, leaving a small piece exposed at the end. Fold each of the ends backwards over the beads.

How to make a beaded snowflake ornament craft

Straighten out each of the pipe cleaner snowflakes with beads to make sure it’s in snowflake form. Now, hang on a tree and admire!

Fun DIY homemade snowflake ornaments for the Christmas tree

We hope you love making these homemade snowflake ornaments!

My kids really liked making this easy DIY snowflake craft, it was a fun evening holiday treat. I just love how easy these DIY beaded snowflake ornaments are to make. We hope you have a great time making these at home with your family!

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DIY beaded snowflake ornaments - An Easy and cute homemade Christmas crafts for kids!


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