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DIY Father’s Day Tie Cards to Make with Kids

This DIY Father’s Day tie cards craft is so much fun for kids to make for their dads! These cool Father’s Day cards are the ones to try.


DIY Father's Day tie cards - homemade Fathers Day cards for kids

Make shirt and tie cards for dad

It’s that time again to celebrate the great dads in our lives for Father’s Day. The role that a father plays throughout a child’s life is unmatched, so it is fun for kids to be able to create something to show their love and appreciation.

Shirt and striped tie cards for Dad

We created these cards for my kids to gift to their dad. It was a fun Father’s Day activity to put these together and decorate the ties. If you are looking for Father’s Day craft cards to make, this cute shirt and tie card is just perfect! Here’s how to make these DIY Father’s Day tie cards at home.

Cute homemade Father's Day tie cards for kids to make

DIY Father’s Day Tie Cards

Materials needed:

  • Colorful construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
Cut a slit to make DIY Father's Day tie cards

Step 1: Make the body of the Father’s Day card

Fold a piece of construction paper in half, hamburger style, to make a rectangular card. At the top, cut a small slit, about 1-inch, on the front side of the card only. Fold the flaps inward, at an angle, and in opposite directions to create the t-shirt collar.

Fold the neck of the paper shirt and tie card

Step 2: Cut out & decorate the Father’s Day tie

On another piece of construction paper, cut out a tie shape, and decorate it. I cut mine out freehand in a coffin shape. My kids drew and cut a long diamond shape and cut the sharp ends off of the top and bottom to make it look like a tie. You can try this or use a tie template online.

Hold your tie up to the body of the card and make sure it fits the way you want it to look. Decorate your tie with other colors of construction paper. We cut strips of red paper and glued them on to make a striped tie for Dad, see below. When it is finished, trim off the excess on the edges around the tie.

Decorate the tie on your homemade Father's Day cards

Step 3: Glue the tie to the body of the card

When your tie is ready, glue it to the body of the card, just underneath the collar. Allow all of the glue to dry, write your message inside, and your DIY Father’s Day tie cards are complete and ready to gift!

Finished Father's Day tie card

My kids tried their hands at this Father’s Day project and they got really creative with the cards they made. My son said that he added french fries to his card, and my daughter cut out the letters S and D for Super Dad!

Kids can make their own homemade Father's Day cards for Dad
Kids with their homemade Father's Day shirt and tie cards
Enjoy your Father’s Day!

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Shirt and tie cards for Father's Day

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