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5 Tips to Take Better Pictures of Kids With Any Camera

These tips to take better pictures of kids are great for use with any camera. Learn how to take family photos easily and effortlessly with these ideas.

5 Tips to Take Better Pictures of Kids With Any Camera - Learn how to take good pictures of your family for photoshoots

How to take good pictures of kids

Face it: EVERYONE is taking pictures of their kids every single day. With smartphones in almost every hand, it’s now easier than ever to capture moments and experiences to share and keep as family memories.

I am guilty of taking pictures of my kids wherever we go. I mean, we love family travel together, and how long are they going to be building drum sets out of toys and singing silly songs?

happy little girl upside down

Easy tips for family photoshoots

Whether professional or recreational, smartphones, point-and-shoot, super zoom, and even professional DSLR cameras are used for taking photos of kids. No matter what kind of camera you use, you can learn to take excellent photos using your camera. Here are a few tips to take good photos of your kids.

Photo of kids jumping at the beach

5 Tips to Take Better Pictures of Kids With Any Camera

If you are looking for ways to capture better photos of your family, try some of these tips and photo ideas for your kids.

Turn the flash off on your camera

Immediately. The artificial light bounces around the frame and makes subjects look way too bright. Use natural light, it looks much better. The best time of day is when the sun has gone down, but it’s still light out. Completely shaded areas and overcast, cloudy skies are great places to take photos as well.

The photo below was taken at night with no flash…

Cute kids at Family Christmas Tree Farm, El Cajon

Take plenty of different shots

Kids move, twist, jump, and fidget, especially during photo shoots! Use rapid fire, if you have it, and take tons of photos in each setting as the kids move around. The more shots you take, the more you have to choose from.

Interest them in something

This will depend on your child’s age, likes, and demeanor, you will know best! My preschooler will laugh at fart sounds, but my 7-year-old has to be downright bribed to cooperate. Babies and toddlers need some sort of focal point to interest them, dangling keys, string, or toys, high-pitched voices, or silly dances tend to work. When you get their attention, SHOOT!

Play with different photo angles

Instead of hitting the kids straight on, move around them a bit. You can have them face different ways to find the most flattering pose, and choose the best background available.

kids snow play and inner tube slides, Big Bear, CA

Also, I like moving the subject off to the side a bit. I like how this off-center shot turned out above. It shows the background and other relevant objects that set the scene. Also, play with the focus of the shot, sometimes, it may capture more light and look better when it’s not on the subject!

Keep it natural, don’t pose them

Sometimes, letting your children play, talk, and roam around can be the best way to get great photos of them. Most kids do not know how to pose without it looking extremely awkward, so if they are having a great time in their own element, you are bound to get some great, natural shots.

Kids indoor pillow living room fort

What is the best camera for taking pictures of kids?

I have used mirrorless cameras, they are perfect for beginners, very user-friendly, affordable, and take high-quality photos using an interchangeable lens. These days, I use my iPhone (yes, you can take family photos with your iPhone!) for day-to-day photos of my kids, and I have a Canon EOS Rebel T6 for events and photoshoots.

How do you capture good photos of your kids?
I hope that you can apply these tips to your next photo session with your kids, they tend to work for me! I have come a long way, I was a terrible photographer. Practicing, looking at what you like about other people’s pictures, and trying different techniques can do wonders!


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