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DIY Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder for the Bathroom {Tutorial}

This DIY wall mounted paper towel holder is great for hanging your paper towels on the wall using disposable Kleenex boxes! Try this floating wall holder tutorial in your bathroom.

Easy DIY Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder - A floating tissue box on the wall

An easy bathroom DIY paper towel holder

Our master bathroom is pretty drab. We have a toothbrush holder, a soap dispenser, and a plant, that’s it. There are so many things that I want to do to spruce up the bathroom, I love to get creative and play around with bathroom decorating ideas to design spaces in a colorful way. Until someone wants to donate a few thousand dollars to my bathroom project, we’re gonna have to put the elaborate renovations on hold!

DIY hanging paper towel holder for the bathroom

I did want to add a little more pizzazz, we have a very plain wall with a light switch that could use some love. I suppose I could hang a picture or something, but what fun would that be? I was looking to add something cute that compliments the current decor on an affordable level. DIY is definitely the way to go! To change our bathroom from drab to fab, I decided upon…


DIY Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder in the BathroomKleenex hand towels in a basket

It’s such an easy project, no tools required! Here’s what you’ll need…

  • 1 Box of Kleenex Hand Towels
  • 4-6 Wall Hooks, I used 3M Removable Command Hooks
  • A shallow wicker basket
  • Other: pen, decorative items

Place the hooks on the wall to hang the basket

How to make a DIY wall mounted tissue box

1. Place the hooks into the backside of your basket in the desired location. I used 3 across the top due to the size and weight limitations of my basket and decor.

2. Hold the basket up to the wall in the desired position and make a small mark above each hook where you would like to hang the basket. Be sure that it’s nice and straight before marking!

3. Take the hooks off of the basket and apply the adhesive as instructed on the package.

4. Position the hooks to the wall, just a tad above each mark you made to cover it up. Hold in place for 30 seconds or however long the instructions state to do so.

Hanging the paper towel holder on the wall

Hanging tissue box on the bathroom wall

While I waited for the basket hooks to take to the wall, I got started with the Kleenex box:

5. On the back of the Kleenex Hand Towel box, slowly poke holes with your pen in the desired location that you wish to place the hooks. It’s super easy, the Kleenex box has dots on the back so I used them as my guide, poking holes on each corresponding side so it will be nice and even!

6. Similar to step 1, you’ll place the hooks into the holes you poked on the back of the Kleenex box.

7. Similar to step 2 above, hold the box up to the wall in the desired position and make a small mark above each hook where you would like to hang the Kleenex box.

Floating tissue box on the wall

Finish your DIY wall mounted paper towel holder

Now you’re ready to repeat steps 3 and 4 above to adhere the hooks for the Kleenex Hand Towel box onto the wall at the spots you marked. Once each hook is well set into the wall, you can hang your wicker basket and Kleenex box. Add some decorative candles, towels, and other bathroom essentials, step back, and admire!

DIY wall mounted tissue box holder

I think it came out great (even though Baby Girl blemished the box, she stepped on the top right corner)! The Kleenex Hand Towel box matches our bathroom decor perfectly. I like to have a clean towel to wipe my freshly washed hands-on, this is definitely going to come in handy. Also, the kids and a few family members use our bathroom every so often, so it’s nice to have a presentable area that looks nice for our guests.

I’m glad I used clear hooks, otherwise, they might have been eye-sores. The best part about this DIY bathroom project is that it was done tool-free! What do you think? Would you try this in your bathroom?

Try this wall hanging paper towel holder tutorial!

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