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Easy Almond Joy Cupcakes Recipe You MUST Try!

If you’re a fan of the delicious chocolate, almonds, and coconut in an Almond Joy candy bar, you’ll love these this easy almond joy cupcakes recipe!

Easy Almond Joy Cupcakes Recipe - If you're a fan of the delicious chocolate, almonds, and coconut in an Almond Joy candy bar, you'll love these this easy almond joy cupcakes recipe! 

In my quest for a unique cupcake recipe, I saw this idea for Snickers bar cupcakes somewhere and it got me to thinking… “I could put any candy bar in a cupcake and make it magnificent!”

Oh, what an almond joy it was to use one of my personal favorites, Almond Joy bars. The taste: heavenly. There are so many elaborate recipes for cupcakes, but this one is simple. All you need are a few ingredients and you’re ready to bake!

Almond Joy Cupcakes Recipe


  • 1 box chocolate cake mix and the ingredients to prepare as listed on the box (I used Betty Crocker Devils Food)
  • 2 cans of vanilla frosting
  • 24 Almond Joy Bite-sized bars (or 8 full-sized bars cut into thirds)
  • 2 cups Baker’s sweetened coconut flakes
  • almond slivers
Prepare the cake mix according to the directions on the box. Stir 1 cup of coconut into the batter, set the remaining coconut aside. Grab your cupcake pan, grease each inset or add cupcake liners and fill each half way with cake batter. Drop (1) Almond Joy piece into the center of each cup and cover with more cake batter until 2/3 full. Be sure to leave room at the top as cupcakes rise when baking 🙂 Pop in the oven and bake as needed, according to the instructions on the cake box.
While the cupcakes are baking, spread the remaining coconut evenly onto a baking sheet and toast in the oven. Keep a close watch on the coconut as it only takes about 3-5 minutes to brown, stir occasionally and remove from the oven. Once the cupcakes are finished baking, let them cool and frost as desired. I used a piping bag with a french tip for the frosting, I like how they turned out! Top each cupcake with a few sprinkles of toasted coconut and adorn with a few almond slivers in the center. Admire and serve! This makes 24 Almond Joy cupcakes recipe.


These are perfect for any occasion, birthday cupcakes, baby shower cupcakes, wedding cupcakes, you name it! If you want to get further into this recipe with your own personal touch, feel free to substitute your favorite from-scratch cake and frosting recipes to your liking. Enjoy and share!

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