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Family Fun at Corvette Diner: Food, Games, and Classic 50’s Atmosphere!


Corvette Diner Family Restaurant, San Diego


What’s a family to do on a Saturday night in San Diego? Well, my family was recently hosted for dinner by Corvette Diner, and I would say that this is the place to be!


Corvette Diner Family Restaurant, kids reading the menu


What kind of restaurant has loud classic music, poodle skirts and arcade games galore? Where can you go and eat where the waiters throw straws at you and lace them through your hair? Where can your kids be loud as heck and NOBODY CARES? If you’re looking for a fun, ¬†family-friendly spot to let the kids unwind, eat some good diner food, dance, sing and play games to their hearts content, Corvette Diner has got you covered!


Fun for the whole family!


We stopped in for dinner a couple of weeks ago and had a blast. Corvette Diner is located in Liberty Station in Point Loma, so if you’re visiting, it’s actually in the perfect spot for tourists. If you’re local like me this is literally in our backyard!


Corvette Diner restaurant in San Diego, awesome old school car at the front entrance


The 50’s diner atmosphere

Walk into Corvette Diner and you’re immediately greeted by friendly hosts dressed completely in 50’s diner attire. Some of the ladies actually wear big bouffant wigs and the men wear Elvis-style comb over hair, it’s awesome! There is a old school Corvette sitting right in front, and you cant help but look around at all of the lights, DJ booth, a make shift sofa fountain counter, old signs, posters and other wall decor.


Southwestern Chicken Salad at Corvette Diner, fresh mixed greens


The much-more-than-diner-food menu

Don’t get me wrong, I love diner food but i’m not always in the mood for it. You’ll get your typical burgers, chili fries,¬†sandwiches¬†and onion rings, but there are also some sensible salads and classic platters on the menu. The kids menu has burgers, spaghetti, chicken fingers, and the like. We had mozzarella sticks, burgers, fries, salad, and dessert (see below). Hers’ the kids’ sliders…


Kids Sliders at Corvette Diner


After dinner, you can choose from plenty of tasty shake combinations, I believe that everyone MUST order a hot fudge brownie sundae for the table to share! *DROOL*


Corvette Diner desserts, brownie ice cream sundae and handcrafted ice cream shakes


The rock’n roll and 50’s pop music

It was so neat to walk into the restaurant to songs like Summer Nights from the movie Grease, Rockin’ Robin and “You ain’t nuthin but a hound dog…!”¬†People we’re rockin’ and rollin’ in their seats. Walk right up to the DJ booth and request your favorite song, you an even dedicate it to someone and the’ll give your shout out over the loud speaker!


Corvette Diner Family Restaurant, servers dance in front of the DJ booth


Another thing worth mentioning: the waiters and waitresses stop what they’re doing and dance in unison right along side the dining tables. You can get up and join their routine!

Corvette Diner Gamers Garage Arcade cards


The Gamers Garage Arcade

This is truly a game lovers paradise! The 5,000 square foot arcade at Corvette Diner features traditional¬†games, like skee-ball, Pac Man and air hockey, and also some of the newer games, including Fruit Ninja, Infinity Blade and Doodle Jump. All games operate with game cards, slide your card to pay for each game, and if tickets apply, they load right ¬†onto your game card. When it’s time to redeem for prizes, visit the counter and swipe to see how many tickets you have.


Skee Ball games at the Gamers garage Arcade, Corvette Diner

Gamers garage Arcade and Game room at Corvette Diner


Y’all, Corvette Diner is just plain fun! We truly enjoyed our evening. The next time you’re in San Diego, and looking for a great place to take the family, Corvette Diner is the place to be! There’s really only one thing I regret; allowing the kids to order bow and arrows from the balloon lady. They went from this…


Corvette Diner family restaurant, kids get paper hats







Corvette Diner family restaurant, they got balloon bow and arrows


NO, you may NOT point your bow and arrow at the kids at the next table!


Corvette Diner restaurant 50's wall decor, San Diego

Straws in our hair at Corvette Diner


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Our meal and game cards we’re covered, courtesy of the sponsor. Thanks for having us, Corvette Diner!

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  • My family LOVES to eat at the Corvette Diner. Their food is so good, and it’s great for the kids.

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