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DIY Popsicle Stick Haunted House – A Fun Halloween Craft for Kids

Our DIY popsicle stick haunted house craft is a lot of fun to make with the kids this Halloween! This is such a fun and easy Halloween craft for kids.

DIY Popsicle Stick Haunted House - A Fun Halloween Craft for Kids

A Halloween haunted house craft

MJ and I were looking for a fun Halloween craft that we could do this weekend. We already had wooden craft sticks, paint, and other general craft items, so we searched and found a kid’s craft for Halloween that was cute and simple, yet Spooooky!

The spooky Halloween haunted house craft is perfect for preschool and early elementary-aged children. To make it at home, all you need is paint, glue, popsicle sticks, scissors, and a cute little kiddo who’s excited for Halloween and you’re ready to go! Such a cute craft idea! Use these step-by-step instructions to make your haunted popsicle stick house…

Popsicle stick Haunted House Halloween craft for Kids

DIY Popsicle Stick Haunted House Craft

Materials Needed:

  • Wooden Craft Sticks/Popsicle Sticks
  • Washable or Acrylic Paint (acrylic is best for painting on wood)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Glue
  • Scissors


Create your popsicle stick house

Start by lining up about (11) wooden sticks vertically into a fence-like form and glue (2) sticks horizontally across the top and bottom to secure them all in place. Note, we used only (8) craft sticks to build the base of the house since we had jumbo craft sticks. Use (11) if you have the regular-sized sticks.


Making a haunted popsicle stick house for Halloween

To make the roof, glue (6) wooden craft sticks in a slanted fashion to the top of the base of your house. Note again, we used only (4) sticks due to their thickness, (2) on each side.

Popsicle stick house base

Paint your haunted house craft

Let the glue sit and dry for a few minutes and break out the paints! Choose your favorite colors to paint the house and roof. If you are using acrylic paint, I recommend adding a little water to thin out the paint so it’s not so pasty.

Painted spooky house craft

To make the door: Take (2) wooden sticks and cut them up into 6 uneven pieces. Use (3) of the rounded pieces to create the door, then glue (2) of the remaining straight edge pieces over the door to board it up, making it look creepy! Paint it and save the last rounded edge piece for the…

To make the sign: Take (1) wooden stick and cut it unevenly into (2) pieces so that one side is longer than the other. Use the longer piece as the stake of the sign and glue the two smaller pieces from this step and from the previous step across the stake to make the sign. Paint and decorate how you wish, use a scary word or phrase. MJ wrote “BOO!” on ours.
Signs and door for Halloween haunted house craft

Add the door and sign to your house

Glue the door and the sign onto your house and you’ve made a spooky haunted house! You can now decorate it as you wish, adding windows or other eerie elements to make it even scarier.

DIY Halloween popsicle stick house
Enjoy this fun Halloween haunted house craft!

Watch out now! You don’t want to get close to this spooky haunted house! MJ and I had a blast doing this craft together. He is very hands-on and loves to paint, cut, draw, etc. I did have to cut the sticks for him, it required larger scissors. Hope you decide to make this Halloween popsicle stick craft at home with your kiddos. Enjoy!

Also, don’t forget to print out Free Halloween Coloring Pages for Kids. There are Disney, Sesame Street characters and a bunch of general printables for coloring fun!

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