Fun With RoseArt’s Magic Fun Play Dough Volcano Set!

Kids love this RoseArt Magic Fun Play Dough Volcano Set! Check out our review of the volcano out of play dough toy and see how much fun, hands-on learning can be.

Magic Fun Dough Volcano Set, RoseArt

The best play dough kits that kids love

Donovan and I had such fun this morning playing with RoseArt’s brand-new line of dough play sets. We received the Volcano set for the purposes of this review (see a similar volcano set here, and really enjoyed it. In fact, as I write this, Donovan is playing with it again, creating more dinosaurs and cavemen all by himself.

RoseArt’s Magic Fun Dough is a brand new way for younger kids who aren’t quite coordinated enough to sculpt dough into recognizable shapes to make fun characters for great imaginative play. RoseArt Magic Fun Dough is now created under the Cra-Z-Art Softee Dough brand.

Cra-Z-Art softee dough sets on Amazon

Fun with RoseArt Playdough

Magic Fun Dough (now Softee Dough) is a light, fluffy dough that molds well into any shape, but it also allows children to print characters onto it using temporary tattoos that are included in the set. It’s ideal for kids ages 3-7—my three-year-old had no problem with it, and it’s perfect for helping kids develop fine motor skills as well as following directions.

A Fun Play Dough Volcano Set

The procedure for putting the tattoos on the dough is simple but it takes several steps. First, you roll the dough flat, but not too thin or the characters won’t stand up. Then choose your tattoo and remove the plastic cover. Place the tattoo on the dough and use the applicator to wet the back of it lightly. Then use the sponge to dab up the excess moisture. Let the tattoo dry a bit, and gently peel it off. You’ll have a cute little dough character!

RoseArt Magic Fun Dough Volcano Review
If a character doesn’t come out quite right or your child just wants to make a new one, the tattoos magically disappear when you knead the dough again. So, they can reuse it as much as they want!

dinosaur tattoo on Magic Fun Dough


Fun play dough toys for kids

There are a lot of purchase options, all under $20, which makes them great holiday gifts! You can purchase just the dough accessory packs. Or you can purchase play sets like the Volcano set we received to help boost your child’s imagination.

This volcano set is really cute. It has multiple dough molds on it to make bones, boulders, fossils, and more. Plus there’s a dinosaur that chomps, a volcano that oozes dough, a launch pad to send your characters flying, and a boulder roll down the mountainside. The dough is also non-toxic and wheat-free, and it doesn’t smell weird like some doughs can.

Kid playing with RoseArt's Magic Fun Dough

Lots of fun with play dough!

We played for 30 minutes this morning, and Donovan has been playing for nearly 45 minutes this afternoon. Not all of his tattoo transfers are successful, but he can do the procedure all by himself and if one isn’t quite right, he just kneads the dough until it disappears and tries a new one.

He loves standing his characters up on the stands and having them climb the volcano or launching them off the platform. He’s exercising his imagination while also building fine motor skills…so I’m very happy with it!

Shop play dough sets

Cra-Z-Art Softee Dough is available at Target, Walmart, and other major retailers, usually in the craft & art section rather than the toy section. Or, you can purchase it online on Amazon.

If you are looking specifically for a volcano play dough set, this one from Play-doh is a really cute alternative!


This review was written by contributing author Sarah Van Pelt. When she’s not writing at her own blog, The Education of A Stay At Home Mom, she is tending to her two young boys, her husband and her household and loving it! She is still in the process of learning what it means to be a stay at home mom, follow along with her parenting trials!


Thanks to RoseArt for sponsoring today’s fun review, Magic Fun Dough!


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