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FunBites Food Shape Cutters Make Bite-Sized Pieces Fun!

Grab these FunBites food shape cutters and make food prep fun! Kids love creating food shapes and eating them, too.

FunBites food shape cutters

FunBites food cutters

I really enjoy reviewing new, fun and innovative products, so I was glad to get a chance to try out FunBites! This tool for children’s food shape cutters is perfect for parents of picky eaters everywhere, that cuts food into fun shaped bites.

Each of the FunBites food shape cutters are made with a very strong, high grade material and have a curved blade that make cutting food very easy. They currently carry the Cube It!, which cuts food into cubes, and the Love It!, which has a heart shape as well as triangles and other shapes within the heart.

Cut your food into shapes – kids love it!

Just 3 simple steps and you are on your way to quick and cute shapes that your child will love! Check it out…

1. Place your FunBites cutter over the desired food you wish to cut. In the photo collage below, you will see that I chose to use a turkey sandwich.

2. Rock the FunBites cutter by the handles back and forth over the food about 5-6 times while pressing down. Be sure that it is cut all the way through.

3. Grab the popper top and insert it into the top of the cutter to pop out the bite sized food pieces. That’s it!


Cutting fun food shapes with FunBites


Cutting food shapes is so much fun!

You can use so many different types of foods with FunBites! Quesadillas, melons, sandwiches, pancakes, cucumbers, breads, heck, throw some fun shapes into this grilled chicken salad! I sliced some apples and tried out the Love It! cutter to make hearts, look how cute they came out!

FunBites could end up being a great way to get your children interested in eating healthier foods that they otherwise would not try. Yes, a cucumber is green and might look less than appetizing to children (MJ included), but once it is a cool shape the whole “ew it’s green” feeling might go out the window!

Cut a piece of cheese, or fruit into a cute heart shape and wow your kids. Make a design with the cubes, half-circles and triangles, too. You might be able to create some really fun designs on the plate with your kids.

FunBites food cutters set - makes cute food shapes

Try out these children’s food shape cutters

Try out FunBites and turn your food and snacks into “bite-sized meal time magic!” Visit for more information and follow along with their Twitter and Facebook pages to see what kind of cool ideas you can use with FunBites cutters!

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