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8 Cool Holiday Gingerbread Houses You’ll Love

These amazing holiday gingerbread houses are so creative! Check out some of these cool gingerbread houses, do you think you could build any of these?

8 Cool Holiday Gingerbread Houses You'll Love - these amazing gingerbread houses are so creative

Awesome gingerbread houses

I made it a tradition to make a gingerbread house with MJ every year during the Christmas season, but there is no way I could fathom these! I do it pre-made gingerbread house kit style and add a few extra candies and frosting colors, nothing too special (see our homemade gingerbread house from last year). Some people really go all out!

8 of the best holiday gingerbread houses to make

Check out these cool gingerbread house pictures, great ideas and they are pretty neat to look at, but way too neat to eat! Would you be creative enough to compete with these elaborate and awesome gingerbread houses?

Baba Yaya Gingerbread House, Food and Wine


Ski Lodge Gingerbread House,


Noah’s Gingerbread Ark, Elegance Redefined


Gingerbread Townhouses, Digital Bus Stop


Let It Snow Gingerbread House, FaveCrafts


Santa’s German Gingerbread Village, Food and Wine


Life-Size Gingerbread House at Grand Floridian, Mouse Planet


Gingerbread White House, Digital Bus Stop

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