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Funny Pranks for Kids: Try This Jello Juice Prank This April Fools Day!

We’re sharing one of our favorite funny Jello pranks for kids, Jell-o disguised as fake juice! If you’re looking for kid-friendly April Fools Day jokes, this one is fun to try!

April fools pranks for kids - Jello juice prank


A fun Jello April fools joke

We love being silly around here, and April Fools Day is a great time to prank the kids – they never see it coming! There are so many different kids pranks for April Fools, but I chose this one because my kids go crazy for any kind of juice so I knew they would bite! This year, we put together a funny juice prank that the kids really fell for. This fake juice is actually Jell-o!

Funny Pranks for Kids: Make This Jell-o Juice prank

If you are looking for kid-friendly April fools pranks, this one is great! Here’s how to pull off this prank…

Materials needed for this funny Jello juice joke:

  • 1 box red Jell-o
  • water
  • clear glasses or plastic cups
  • straws
  • large bowl

Funny pranks for kids- April Fools Day Jell-o juice joke idea

Step 1: Prep the Jell-o mixture

Prepare the Jell-o according to the package’s instructions. I had a large cherry Jell-o that required 4 cups of water, red is a great color because it’s the most believable as a juice. There are lots of different box sizes, so be sure to follow your box’s instructions!

How to make Jell-o juice, an April Fools Day funny prank idea

Step 2: Fill each cup with Jell-O “juice”

Pour Jell-o mixture into each clear cup, place a straw in each one, and refrigerate for 4-6 hours. Make sure you hide these in the back of the refrigerator so that nobody sees them. Now, choose how you want to prank your family. I set the juice glasses next to my son while he was doing homework and he bit the bait immediately! Watch the Jell-o juice prank video below!

Hahahahaha I got him! Try this kid-friendly April Fools Day prank at home, it was pretty funny! I can’t wait to get my daughter later when she gets home from school. What a fun jello joke!

Jell-o Juice Prank, April Fools Day Joke Idea

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What are your favorite April Fools Day funny pranks for kids?

Have you tried this funny Jello April fools joke? If you have young kids in elementary school, try this out and let us know if it works! Also, share your favorite April Fool’s Day pranks for kids below.

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