Funny Pranks for Kids: Try This Jell-o Juice Prank This April Fools Day!

Looking for kid friendly April Fools Day jokes? We’re sharing one of our favorite funny pranks for kids, Jell-o disguised as fake juice!

Funny pranks for kids- April Fools Day Jell-o juice joke idea

We love being silly around here, and April Fools Day is a great time to prank the kids – they never see it coming! This year, Here’s how to pull off this prank…

Funny Pranks for Kids: Make This Jell-o Juice

Materials needed:

  • 1 box red Jell-o
  • water
  • clear glasses or plastic cups
  • straws
  • large bowl

Prepare the Jell-o according to the packages instructions. I had a large cherry Jell-o that required 4 cups of water, red is a great color because it’s the most believable as a juice. There are lots of different box sizes, so be sure to follow your box’s instructions!

How to make Jell-o juice, an April Fools Day funny prank idea

Pour Jell-o mixture into each clear cup, place a straw in each one and refrigerate for 4-6 hours. Choose how you want to prank your family, I set the juice glasses next to my son while he was doing homework and he bit the bait immediately! Watch the Jell-o juice prank video below!

Hahahahaha I got him! Try this kid friendly April Fools Day prank at home, it was pretty funny! I can’t wait to get my daughter later when she gets home from school.

Jell-o Juice Prank, April Fools Day Joke Idea

What are your favorite April Fools Day funny pranks for kids?

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