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12 Summer Giant Backyard Games To Play and Outdoor Game Ideas

Summer is here, and you will love these giant backyard games to play at home! Grab the whole gang and enjoy this list of outdoor games, all of them jumbo-sized for maximum fun!

12 Summer Giant Backyard Games To Play and Jumbo Outdoor Game Ideas

Summer Outdoor Jumbo Backyard Games

Who’s excited for some summer sunshine?! We sure are, and we are planning to do so many fun things this summer. If you have a nice backyard or lawn and love to play games, these jumbo backyard games are such a hit!

From NERF blasters to human bowling, and even giant Twister, this is a great list of fun easy outdoor games for kids. If you’re looking for outdoor game ideas, these giant outdoor games are perfect to play with your friends and family in the yard!

12 Family Fun Summer Giant Backyard Games To Play

Get ready for some summer entertaining in the backyard this year with these fun games to play with family and friends. Pick your favorite oversized backyard games to DIY at home or purchase for a fun time this summer!

DIY outdoor games - Homemade backyard plinko game, Happiness Is Homemade

1. DIY backyard plinko game – Happiness Is Homemade

Make this fun plinko game for your next family event, one of the easiest and most fun DIY outdoor games.

Giant Inflatable bowling jumbo yard games

2. Giant inflatable bowling game set – Play Now Inflatables

This oversized blow-up bowling game is a lot of fun for the whole family. Roll balls at the giant pins, or add water and make it a human outdoor bowling game!

Fun outdoor game ideas - water cup races

3. DIY water cup races – All For The Boys

If you are looking for fun easy outdoor games for kids, this one will be a hit. Set up this fun DIY backyard game to see who can get their cup to the finish line first!

4. Giant Jenga  – A Beautiful Mess

If you are looking for oversized backyard games, Jenga is always a hit! A few wooden planks and some paint make one of our favorite supersized DIY backyard games! Don’t have time to make it? You can buy one here: Giant Timber Games

Jumbo Outdoor game ideas - Pool noodle Olympic hurdles

5. Pool noodle Olympic hurdles – The SITS Girls

Compete track and field style with these fun pool noodle hurdles. Race each other and see who’s first to the finish line! This is one of the most fun outdoor games for large groups. Grab a bundle of pool noodles here on Amazon.

Giant outdoor games and ideas Connect 4

6. Giant wooden Connect 4 row game – Go Sports

Can you get 4 in a row? Entertain in the backyard with this fun 4-in-a-row game! This game measures over 3 feet wide and 32 inches tall and can be set up in seconds. This is one of the most popular jumbo yard games and it can be purchased and set up easily, click the link above.

Hula Hoop Outdoor oversized backyard games

7. Hula hoop washer toss – Playground Parkbench

Set up some hula hoops for a game of toss, the one with the most points in the respective hula hoops wins the game! You can also set up a hula hoop hopscotch, great ideas for DIY outdoor games!

8. Easy lawn Twister game – One Good Thing By Jillie

This is a fun DIY jumbo-sized backyard family game. Spray paint a few circles on your grass to make a fun Twister game. This is one of our favorite fun giant backyard games to play!

Carnival themed NERF games for the backyard

9. Tin Can Alley Carnival themed NERF game – 7 On A Shoestring

Set up some cups in the backyard for a version of the Tin Can Alley carnival game. Shoot darts from your NERF gun, test your aim, and see how many you can knock down! Here are some NERF blasters to buy for this game on Amazon.

Giant backyard games - oversized wooden dice blocks

10. Lawn Yahtzee with Giant wooden dice – Yard Games

These wooden dice turn your lawn into a full-sized Yahtzee game, such fun outdoor game ideas! This set comes with game cards and instructions for more games to play with your giant dice blocks.

Outdoor fishing game for kids in the backyard

11. Backyard faux fishing game – Mom Endeavors

Fill a kiddie pool full of water, add magnetized rubber fishing bait, and have the kids catch their own fish! Get the kiddie pool delivered to you here and the rubber tackle fish bait here.

DIY Outdoor Giant Kerplunk Game for the backyard - All Parenting

12. Giant backyard Ker-plunk – All Parenting

This jumbo DIY backyard game is pretty popular. Build a wooden platform and cage in some plastic balls for a large version of the popular jumbo Ker-plunk game. Head to your local home store to buy the wood and cage, and you can grab the plastic balls here.

Hope you found something fun on this list of outdoor games!

Spend some time this summer in the backyard with your family. These outdoor jumbo backyard games to play are so much fun, try them all! If you will be entertaining in your backyard, check out these summer DIY backyard ideas, the rope swing looks so fun! Have a great summer.

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