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A Healthy Breakfast Idea: Blackberry Smoothie Overnight Oats

Looking for a delicious, yet healthy breakfast idea? Make these blackberry smoothie overnight oats the night before, you’ll save a ton of time in the morning!

Blackberry Smoothie Overnight Oats, a quick and healthy breakfast recipe

You know how tough it can be to get the kids out the door in the morning? No matter how early we wake up, something always happens – there’s a wardrobe malfunction, someone has to poop just before we leave, or an alarm doesn’t go off, and I just don’t have time to cook a fresh and healthy breakfast each morning. Smoothie overnight oats are the perfect solution!

Blackberry Smoothie Overnight Oats, an easy and healthy breakfast recipe!

I want to be sure my kids get a great start to their day, but who has time to throw down in the kitchen with eggs, bacon, toast, and fruit, or make a fresh pot of oatmeal every morning? Not this mom! Get your servings of protein, fresh fruit and whole grains in the morning the easy way with this breakfast idea. Try our blackberry smoothie overnight oats, it’s such a simple recipe and requires only 4 ingredients, make ahead, grab and go!

Blackberry Smoothie Overnight Oats, a healthy breakfast recipe idea

Blackberry Smoothie Overnight Oats Recipe


1 cup blackberries

1⁄2 cup almond milk

1⁄2 cup vanilla yogurt

1 1⁄4 cup quick cooking oats


Fresh blackberries and almonds


To make blackberry smoothie overnight oats, combine the blackberries, almond milk and yogurt and blend. Pour half the smoothie mixture into a glass or jar. Add the oats. Top with remaining smoothie mixture.

Blackberry Smoothie Overnight Oats, layer the oats and smoothie

Using a butter knife, poke several holes down through to the bottom of the glass so that the smoothie mixture will be able to penetrate all the way through the oats. Refrigerate 6 hours, or overnight. Top with fresh blackberries and almonds and serve.

Blackberry Smoothie Overnight Oats

Smoothie meets oatmeal. Easy. Healthy. Delicious!

I just love a n easy breakfast recipe. Give these smoothie overnight oats a try, they definitely make some of my mornings a little less hectic. Have you made something similar?

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