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Homemade Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas | Mini Baby Diaper Rolls

Looking for baby shower centerpiece ideas? I hosted a baby shower a couple of weeks back for one of my dear friends who’s having twins! Pampers sponsored this lovely event, so it was decked out with great Pampers items galore. I wanted to put a bit of a personal touch to the decorations, so I decided to make simple, yet affordable baby shower centerpieces for about 15 tables.


My creation: Mini Baby Diaper Rolls. These homemade table centerpieces can be used for more than just tables. They can be baby shower decorations for any place around the room, doubling as cheap baby shower favors for your guests! These are actually a great baby shower gift idea, you can opt to give them to the mother-to-be, a very practical gift that is much needed for the new baby. Talk about multi-use! Also, they are easily put together and you can decorate them with whatever colors and toppers you’d like.


Make it yourself! Here are the step by step instructions on how to make your own baby shower centerpieces.


Mini Baby Diaper Rolls



What You’ll Need:

  • Pampers Baby Diapers (amount should be based upon your needs, smaller diapers, smaller centerpieces)
  • 3 in. Ribbon Spool (thick and colorful looks best)
  • Silk Flowers (or real ones if you have the budget)
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Glue
Get Started!
Grab a diaper, laying it flat in the table and roll it from one end to the other. I started with the open end, it hides any colors or prints that may be on the diaper. Make sure the bottom is lined up evenly so it will stand up and secure the end with a small piece of tape.
Measure the ribbon around your diaper roll and cut. Be sure to cut a bit over the exact measurement so that you have a longer edge to glue. Add the glue to the underside of the overcut ribbon and secure it around the diaper roll until it fits nice and lightly snug. You might have to hold the glue part down for a few seconds so that it sets.


When the glue dries, cut the stem of one of your flowers to the desired length and slowly push it through the middle of the diaper roll. Fluff and serve! Here’s what you’ll get… A definite visual crowd pleaser! These were so cute on each table, I sat them on a rounded colored paper that matched the theme of the shower and surrounded them with matching confetti (also homemade).

Also, check out these fun homemade baby shower favors, Spa Washcloth Cupcakes! I made ’em myself 🙂


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