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Valentine’s Day Treat Pockets: A Fun Homemade Valentines Craft For Kids!

We love these Valentine’s day treat pockets, they are so much fun to make and pass out in the classroom. This is such a fun homemade Valentines craft for kids!

Valentine's Day Treat Pockets: A Fun Homemade Valentines Craft For Kids!

Looking for a cute homemade Valentines craft for kids? In a quest to create cute and affordable Valentine’s for MJ’s class, I took to Pinterest. There were tons of elaborate creations, super cute, but most of which I do not have time to figure out. I decided to make it simple. Very simple. There’s nothing like giving a homemade gift!

Valentine’s Day Treat Pockets: A Fun Homemade Valentines Craft For Kids!

All you need are a few staples, most of which you may already have. Gather the following materials:

  • Assorted Valentine’s day printed paper
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Twine, yarn or ribbon
  • Treats
  • Optional decor: rhinestones, stickers, etc

To make the hearts: I took the 2 sheets of paper, aligned them and folded them in half. I chose to use printed paper on one side and plain red paper for the other. Draw a half heart on one of the folded sides, then cut along the line. Make sure you are working on the folded side and not the open end. Adults should do the cutting for younger children. Open the folded hearts and voila!

Attaching the two hearts: Align the two hearts, make sure they are identical in size. Holding them together, take your hole punch and punch holes around the bottom of the heart. Be sure to leave the top open. Weave your twine through the holes, do not cut it until you know how much you would like to use. Leave a little slack on each side of the ribbon, tie the ribbon together at the top to form a hanger.

Optional Decorations: Since MJ will be giving these out to his classmates, we decided to print out To/From cards and glue them onto the front. You can also add stickers, rhinestones, and other embellishments to pretty them up. 

Once your treat pockets are ready, stuff them with your favorite sweets to give out and admire! We like how they turned out, such a nice personal touch! They were fun to make too, MJ enjoyed threading the twine and signing his name. I would suggest giving individually wrapped candies since the top of the pocket is open. His classmates at school loved this homemade Valentines craft for kids, enjoy making these!


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