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DIY Valentine Photo Cards with Lollipops – So Fun!

These DIY Valentine photo cards make it look like your child is actually holding the lollipop! What a fun card to make for Valentine’s Day.

DIY Valentine Photo Cards with Lollipops - So Fun for Kids

Homemade kids lollipop Valentine cards

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and that means finding photo Valentine card ideas for your children to give to their classmates.  Would you like to do something creative and cute yet really inexpensive and easy? This lollipop Valentine card craft is so cute!

When I asked to take a photo of my little guy, he really didn’t understand when I asked him to hold his hand up towards the camera for this DIY Valentine card. But he giggled with delight when he saw the finished product: DIY Valentine photo cards with his happy little face practically handing you the airplane lollipops he picked out himself!

DIY Kids Lollipop Valentine Cards

You only need a few things:

  • A printed 5×7 photo of your child posed with their hand prominently shown
  • Colored 8.5×11 paper for the card and it’s frame
  • Adhesive (I used Glue Dots)
  • Scissors
  • A precision or exacto knife for crafting
  • A flat lollipop

Photo Valentine cards - Cutting Slits

1.First, cut a small slit at both the top and the bottom of the hand on the photo.

2. Slip the lollipop through the slits, make sure it fits snug in between.

3. Mount the picture either directly on the card or on another rectangle of patterned paper and then onto the card. Be careful not to glue down the slits or the lollipop. There you have it – a wonderful DIY photo Valentine card with a lollipop.

Valentine photo cards - Placing Picture on card

Tips to make a DIY Valentine card:

  • Choose a lollipop that is flat. That way it slides in and stays in position easier on your DIY Valentine photo cards.
  • Put a Glue Dot on the back of the lollipop to hold it in position.
  • When you are adhering the picture to the next piece of paper, concentrate around the outside of where the lollipop will be slipped into the picture so it is not glued to the back of the card.
  • Find something cute to write or print inside the card. Better yet, have your child write it! We are going to say “You are just plane awesome”! Such cute photo Valentine card ideas!

DIY Lollipop Valentines Day photo Card craft

Have fun making these homamade Valentines!

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