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Holiday Cranberry Chocolate Chip Homemade Christmas Cookie Gift Jar

Headed to a holiday party? This cranberry chocolate chip homemade Christmas cookie gift jar is the perfect gift to bring! You can help them learn how to make homemade Christmas cookies with this fun holiday gift idea.

Holiday Cranberry Chocolate Chip Homemade Christmas Cookie Gift Jar

A homemade Christmas cookie gift jar

I’m pretty sure you have heard of making homemade Christmas cookie gift jars, right? On my recent visit to Coca Cola in Atlanta, they had an awesome guest presentation from Target, one of my favorite stores.

Among a bunch of cute gift ideas using Market Pantry items exclusive to Target was this homemade cookie mix in a jar gift idea, without all of the hassle or fuss! Simply grab a Market Pantry pre-made cookie mix, a jar, and some ribbon and throw a lovely DIY holiday gift together in a few minutes! If you love cranberries, this stovetop cranberry potpourri gift jar is a good one to make, too.

How to make homemade Christmas cookies - DIY Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookie Gift Jar

I thought that this idea was so cute that I decided that I had to make a holiday cookie gift jar for myself. Mine has a few more bells and whistles, love how it turned out! Nobody will ever know unless you tell them, these end up looking like they are store-bought. Try making your own holiday cranberry chocolate chip cookies with this homemade Christmas cookie gift jar!

Cranberry chocolate chip cookies in a jar

You’ll need:

  • 1 – 17.5 oz. package of Market Pantry Chocolate Chip cookie mix
  • 1 cup Market Pantry dried cranberries
  • 1 cup Market Pantry semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 – 1 qt. glass jar with lid
  • Ribbon of choice (I prefer wired)
  • Colored construction paper
  • Printed fabric square, rubber band (optional)

Making holiday chocolate chip cookies, the cookie ingredients in a jar

3 steps to making this holiday gift jar

The simplicity of this homemade holiday cookie gift jar is probably my favorite thing about it. It turned out looking like it was professionally done! *toots own horn*

1. Fill the cookie gift jar

First, layer the 3 main ingredients, cookie mix, cranberries, and chocolate chips into the glass jar. I used a funnel for each layer so it wouldn’t get messy. Pack down each layer before adding the next, make sure to put the powder cookie mix first, it has to be on the bottom!

Use a funnel to put cookie ingredients into a jar

2. Create the gift label with instructions

Then, print out the label with instructions from the back of the cookie mix in a cute font to be attached to the jar. If you do not have access to a printer, you can also write them nicely on a piece of construction paper or card stock and attach it to the jar.

I used red construction paper for the backing of my print out, glued the main label onto the front, and punched a hole into the directions label to tie on with the ribbon. You can also glue the instructions to the back of the glass jar if it fits.

Be sure to completely print the baking instructions that are found on the back of the Chocolate Chip Cookie mix, letting them know that they’ll also need an egg and a stick of butter.

Making holiday cranberry chocolate chip cookie gift, cookie ingredients in a jar

3. Adorn cookie jar with ribbon and fabric

Cut a piece of your favorite fabric just about an inch larger than the lid of your jar. My fabric piece was a 6-inch square. Center it and secure with a rubber band, trim the edges to make it look nice and clean. Measure your ribbon to the desired length, thread the recipe instruction card through, then tie your ribbon tightly around the lid, making sure to cover the rubber band. Now, you may admire…

Cover with fabric and rubber band the cookie jar gift

Homemade Christmas cookies in a jar, cranberry chocolate chip cookies

That’s it! Very easy, no? Thanks for the simple Christmas gift idea, Target!

What are your favorite DIY holiday gifts?

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Disclosure: I was invited to Atlanta by Coca Cola, all expenses paid, to experience this conference. All opinions are my own, no compensation was received.


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