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Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas – Cute Pink & Black Party Theme

These Minnie Mouse birthday party ideas are so much fun for your little girl’s next party! Our pink and black Minnie Mouse party theme is simple and oh so cute!

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas - Cute Pink & Black Party Theme

It’s a Minnie Mouse party!

Time is literally flying too fast! This past weekend, my Baby Girl turned TWO! We had a fun little Minnie Mouse birthday party for her at our house with family and friends. It’s safe to say she had a blast!

I was in a search for 2nd birthday party ideas for girls when I found a bunch of cute Minnie Mouse-themed parties. I made a bunch of my own DIY Minnie Mouse party decorations and used a printable kit as a guide (which is no longer available, but you can still try downloading it here). It’s a Minnie Mouse pink and black polka dot party theme, I love how it turned out! Score!

Pink and Black Polka Dot Minnie Mouse Party Table

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Pictured above is the main food and Minnie Mouse dessert table. Our party was only 2 hours, so we went low-key with fruit cups, pretzels, water, and of course, cupcakes! A simple roll of pink wrapping paper served as the table cloth, then I decked it out with themed goodies. I also made a few tissue paper puffs to decorate the mirror behind the table. Making Minnie Mouse party decorations is no quick task. Be sure to plan ahead!

DIY pink and black cupcake stand

Desserts to match the Minnie birthday theme

For dessert, we made cupcakes with chocolate frosting and used two chocolate wafers as Minnie Mouse ears. This is the cupcake stand I made to match. These are super simple and turn out cute, I also made one last year for my son’s baseball birthday party. The cupcake wrappers are available to print in the Minie Mouse printable birthday decor kit mentioned above.

Minnie Mouse Party Treats - Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

The most popular attraction at the table was this fun dessert plate. We made chocolate-dipped marshmallows and set them next to chocolate pretzels on a simple white tray. Then, we popped in these cute Minnie Mouse cupcake toppers and

DIY party table decor - vase with tissue paper puffs

The Minnie Mouse party decorations

I made these cute little pink and white table accents to give the look a little more flair. They were super easy: take a glass vase, fill it with paper confetti and make a pink tissue paper puff to top it off! I got everything from the dollar store, which makes this an easy DIY party decor item to make.

Minnie Mouse pink and black party favor bags

I also made the Minnie Mouse party favors. I purchased hot pink bags, printed out a sheet of polka dot paper, cut out some more of the Minnie Mouse cupcake topper rounds, and added a little ribbon. That’s it! I filled them with random Minnie Mouse-related favors, candies, and other fun toys and party favors.

2 year old Birthday girl

Here she is – the birthday girl! What’s a party without an adorable guest of honor?

Decorating Minnie Mouse cookies

Minnie Mouse birthday party activities

I found a Mickey Mouse-shaped cookie cutter at our local bakeshop, so we had the kids decorating sugar cookies. They had a blast! Simply make a bunch of sugar cookies and have multiple colors of frosting available for the kids to decorate- and eat – their own cookies.

Making and eating Minnie Mouse cookies

She made it, then she ATE it! Another fun Minnie Mouse birthday party idea – you can also get some simple Minnie Mouse ears and some puffy paints and let the kids decorate theirs to wear them at the party!

Last but not least, here is my big girl blowing out her candles. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Blowing out candles on her birthday

We hope you love this Minnie Mouse birthday theme for baby girls!

If you plan on having a birthday party for your 2-year-old, consider this Minnie Mouse birthday party theme! So cute, such a great girl’s birthday party idea. My daughter is a fan of Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, who do you think is her favorite?

You’ll need these Minnie Mouse party decorations and party favors

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Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Decoration Ideas


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