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Vodka Sparkle Shots – One Of The Best New Years Eve Drinks!

Celebrate the new year with these tasty vodka sparkle shots! If you’re looking for festive and unique shot recipes, this is one of the best new year’s eve drinks to make!

New Years Eve Vodka Sparkle Shots - Celebrate the new year with these tasty vodka sparkling shooters! If you're looking for festive and unique shot recipes, this is one of the best new years eve drinks to make!

Delicious vodka shots for the new year

We’ll soon be ringing in a new year, and I am so ready to start fresh and be finished with this one! Out with the old, in with the new – and that includes what we’re serving at our NYE parties this year! These vodka sparkle shots are so much fun, they are very festive new years eve drink ideas. A colorful unique shot recipe, these sparkle shots are perfect for your new years eve parties and shindigs. Check out the recipe below!

New Years Eve drink ideas - sparkle vodka shots

Vodka Sparkle Shots – One Of The Best New Years’ Eve Drinks!

If you need some good new years eve vodka cocktail recipes, you’re in luck! Our easy sparkling vodka shooters are made with strawberry watermelon flavored Sparkling Ice and are simple vodka shots recipe to make. Serve this lovely festive drink at your next party!
Ingredients needed for these sparkler shots
(Makes 4 shots, recipe credit: Sparkling Ice)

How to make sparkle vodka shots

These sweet alcoholic shots are really easy to make. Pour rainbow sprinkles onto a shallow plate. Moisten the rims of your clear shot glasses with lime juice or water and dip each glass into the sprinkles. Set your shot glasses aside.
Making vodka sparkle New Years Eve shots
Fill your cocktail shaker with ice and and add vodka, lime juice, and Sparkling Ice Strawberry Watermelon. Shake to your heart’s content strain the new years eve shots into each shot glass. Serve these tasty vodka shots to your adult guests and enjoy, this is really one of the best new years eve drinks!
New Years Eve drink ideas vodka sparkle shots
Enjoy these new year’s eve shots with vodka
I can’t wait to make these new years eve shots, just a few more days! Sending a big thanks to Sparkling Ice for the fun NYE unique shot recipes, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
Visit the Sparkling Ice website for more information and try one of their other cocktails, don’t these watermelon margarita balls made with tequila and sparkling pumpkin spice cocktail recipes look delicious?! Have a happy new year and enjoy your celebrations!
Vodka sparkle shots sweet alcoholic shots - these are the best shots for new years eve

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