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A Walk Through Montreal: Photos We Love of Montreal Street Art

Ahhh… good old Montreal. We absolutely love this city, Montreal, Quebec in Canada is full of art, culture, friendly people and lots to do. Here’s a look at some must-see architecture and Montreal street art!

The vibrant city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada is covered in amazing Montreal street art throughout. Love the many beautiful colors!

Once upon a time, two really cool California girls wanted to get away – and Montreal, Quebec, Canada is where they ended up! They’d heard that Montreal was a unique city in which there was an abundance of art, culture, and music, a city that’s alive with people from all walks of life, and where French was spoken as the main language. These two awesome girls saw that Montreal is so much more – they absolutely loved the amazing beauty of Montreal street art found throughout the city!

Montreal, Quebec - Ladies at the 2016 International Jazz Festival, Canada

Montreal is such a vibrant city, and everywhere you turn, there is color – literally. My sister and I rented Bixi bikes (recommended), which can be found on almost any corner, and explored the city’s sights. One of the most notable things we saw were statues, sculptures, and wall art, everywhere. So many neat figures can be found throughout the city, and splashes of colorful paint fill the walls of buildings – restaurants, apartments, warehouses, offices, convenience stores, all buildings old and new.

Montreal street art – a city full of color!

Montreal, Quebec - Montreal street art on buildings on Saint Laurent

The photo below is a creation on the ceiling inside of the Place des Arts building, a multipurpose performing arts center in Montreal. We happened to be in town during the International Jazz Festival held annually in Montreal, and I can see why they chose this city for it!

Montreal, Quebec - the ceiling inside Place des Arts

I love the purple and pink colors on this brick wall…

Montreal, Quebec - Gorgeous Montreal street art purple and pink painting on a brick wall

If you look closely at the photo below, you can see various paintings and graffiti on the walls of the buildings. This was our view from our hotel room at Hotel Zero 1 on the 7th floor. Perfection.

Montreal, Quebec - View of the city from Hotel Zero 1, 7th floor

I was intrigued by the below painting, the faces of three women seeming to be adorned in jewels and magical. It might mean nothing, but I always like to know what the artist was portraying. I noticed that there were a lot of female-centric art pieces on the walls, even a beautiful one of a pregnant woman’s bare belly, which I didn’t get a photo of.

Montreal Quebec -Enjoy Montreal street art, Painting of women on a brick building

I think this is my favorite photo. This public piano sits on a street in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on a painted wall in the summer. Locals can stop and play a tune for the whole neighborhood to hear, I love Montreal street art!

This public piano sits on a street in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on a painted wall in the summer. Locals can stop and play a tune for the whole neighborhood to hear, I love Montreal street art!

And even when there is no specific painting, sculpture or Montreal street art, there is something gorgeous about these buildings, colorful, inviting and charming even.

Montreal, Quebec - Colorful buildings on a street in Old Montreal

I am not quite sure what this white dome is, but it is something that can be seen from the 5th floor terrace at Hotel Zero 1 and it is a pretty cool sight. It looks to be on the roof top of another building, wonder what it is?! Also note the greenish yellow wall on the left side. Love!

Montreal, Quebec - view of the city from Hotel Zero 1

We were definitely smitten by Montreal street art we saw, no matter where you turn, there is something beautiful to enjoy. Visit Montreal, Quebec, Canada and explore the city – you never know what you may fall in love with!

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