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Rawr! Meet The Lava Dragon

My son’s eyes lit up with delight when he saw the package I got in the mail the other day. Now that he can read, he’s Mr. Read-it-all, so he was amped when he saw “” on the side of the box.

He begged me to open it. Instantly. I obliged.

See, he is all hooked on this iPad game, Dragonvale. He gets a kick out of building his dragon habitats, breeding them, naming them, feeding them, etc. He collects coins and gems to keep his little dragon fest going. Naturally, he had to be a dragon this year, so we got a great Red Dragon costume from He. Loves. It.

The self-named “Lava Dragon” is a pretty detailed costume. It’s got a pretty cool dragon head that goes on as a hood, upright spikes that go down the length of the suit, to the tip of the thick tail. My favorite details are the dragon faced gloves, which are connected and can be worn or not, and the awesome dragon feet and claws that cover the shoes. The quality was surprising, normally Halloween costumes fall apart mid-evening. This one is very sturdy, I can see it thriving on little boys for years. has so many great options for the whole family. I normally would not order online this close to Halloween, but you can actually get a costume this week if you apply rush shipping to your order. It’s not too expensive, I think it’s totally worth it. If you know someone who needs a costume, they have a Refer-A-Friend program that pays you $5 – $10 cash when they buy their costumes. Pretty cool!

Visit for an awesome selection to get your trick-or-treating kiddos ready for the big day! They are on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, so follow along for fun updates.


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Disclosure: I received a sample costume for this review, no other compensation was given. All opinions are mine.



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