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Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids: Make Your Own Paper Plate Turkey Hats!

As the holidays are drawing near, and we’re celebrating with some fun Thanksgiving crafts for kids! We made these fun paper plate turkey hats, using lots of items you probably already have at home. It’s time to paint, cut, and glue this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving crafts for kids, make these DIY Thanksgiving paper plate hats

Who’s excited for Thanksgiving?!

We sure are. Soon it will be time to prep our Thanksgiving dinner menu and spend our time with loved ones! We love crafting, especially during the holidays, so we looked around in our craft bin and came up with these fun Thanksgiving paper plate turkey hats. Spending time together is so important, crafting is one of the ways we converse, learn, create and have fun as a family. 

Cute Thanksgiving Craft for Kids, Make a Paper Plate Turkey Hat

Try making these Thanksgiving paper plate turkey hats with your kids! If you’ve got paint, scissors, glue and paper plates, you can make these right away. Here’s how to make this easy and fun Thanksgiving crafts for kids…

Thanksgiving crafts for kids – Paper Plate Turkey Hats

Materials needed to make two hats:

Materials needed to make paper plate Thanksgiving turkey hats craft

To get started, cut your paper plate in half, right down the middle.Paint the raised side completely brown. This will be the base of the hat. Allow about 30 minutes to dry.

While your hat is drying, cut out your turkey feathers. To make sure they all come out the same size, first cut a feather from one of the pieces of construction paper, sitting landscape. That will be your template, and trace this one to make the rest, and cut each one out. You’ll need 10 feathers total, 5 for each hat. Make sure you save the paper scraps!

How to make paper plate Thanksgiving turkey hats, tracing the feathers

Next, flip over your brown paper plate and glue on your feathers, curved side up. Spread glue on about half of each feather and press onto the back of the plate, so that the other half of the feather is sticking up and can be seen on the other side.

How to make a Thanksgiving paper plate turkey hat, gluing on the feathers

Flip the hat over and glue on the googly eyes. With the paper scraps you saved, cut out a triangle shape for the beak and a weird squiggly shape for the waddle. Glue them on below the eyes.

Cute Thanksgiving Craft for Kids, Make a Paper Plate Turkey Hat

Allow your hat to dry, then punch or cut holes in each side and tie two pieces of ribbon on each. Make sure each side is long enough to tie a bow with. When it’s ready, tie onto the back of your child’s head and wear it proudly!

Girl wearing her paper plate Thanksgiving turkey hat craft

My kids had fun making their hats, now they’re all set for turkey day! I hope y’all enjoy making this one, this is one of my favorite Thanksgiving crafts for kids! Also, this free printable Thanksgiving banner is a super cute decoration for your house!

Gobble gobble!

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids- How to make Turkey Paper Plate Hats


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