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Cool Off With These Easy Homemade Tropical Frozen Yogurt Popsicles!

These easy homemade tropical frozen yogurt popsicles are a sweet way to cool off this summer! Get the recipe for these sweet treats below for a little frozen fun…

Summer is the best time to make yogurt popsicles

The kids are getting out of school and the sun is shining nationwide. Dare I say it – it’s summertime?! We are way too excited to get to the beach, splash in the pool, and spend these lazy summer days with family and friends. If you love a cool, sweet summertime treat, this easy yogurt popsicle recipe is a good one to try!

I got a really fun yogurt sample kit from Yoplait® in the mail and I had to try the tropical yogurt cups, they’re loaded with mangos, pineapple, peaches, and passion fruit juice and they sounded delicious. It’s getting hot around here, and instead of just eating yogurt out of the cup, I thought it might be fun to make a cool, tasty summer treat.

Easy Homemade Tropical Frozen Yogurt Popsicles

This recipe makes 6 homemade frozen yogurt popsicles, and with no added sugars or sweeteners, it is a healthier treat option. Here’s what you’ll need to make these at home…


Frozen yogurt popsicles are easy to make

Ok, let’s get started with these Yoplait® yogurt pops! You’re going to layer the yogurt and fruit toppings until its almost full, then add the granola on top at the end. Begin by dividing the fruit and coconut toppings into 6ths to make sure you have enough for each popsicle. You’re going to be using one yogurt for two popsicles.

First, put some of the fruit and coconut on the bottom of your popsicle mold, next scoop in a little yogurt, and alternate until you get almost to the top.

Fill the remaining space with granola and press into the yogurt so that it sticks when frozen.

After filling each popsicle mold, freeze the entire thing overnight. When you’re ready to eat your tropical yogurt freezer pops, remove each one individually from the mold container and rinse them under warm water until they can be released. Wiggle gently and maneuver each popsicle out of their molds. Now, go ahead and enjoy this healthy fruit popsicle recipe!

Make your own fruit popsicles!

Give this tropical frozen yogurt popsicles recipe a try, I really like how they turned out! Thanks so much for sending the yogurt and ingredients, Yoplait®! I hope you enjoy these easy yogurt popsicles, they are really a delicious summer frozen treat! Also, try our mixed berry vanilla custard pie, it’s really good and easy to make.

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