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For Little Athletes: Dream Big, Live Wild and #FreeYourMoves!

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I am huge about getting my family up, out and moving, so it is no surprise that I would be on board with Nike’s Free Your Moves campaign for young athletes. Their mission to inspire young kids to get active, enjoy themselves and dream big hits home for us. My husband was once a young athlete and managed to dream big and attain goals that other players dream of. My son is following closely in his foot steps and he definitely fits the mold, he plays baseball and basketball year round and loves to get active outdoors. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s heroes!

Kids and parents alike can get active and Free Your Moves all year long. Whether it’s an adventurous day out at the park during the summer, a competitive game of soccer after school in the fall, or a fun indoor day of play at your local YMCA or recreation center, you have got to make sure to get out there and get moving! What if you could get creative doing so?


Kids playing climbing playground


My family spent time enjoying one of our last summer days running wild at our local park. The kids got a chance to design their own Nike Free 5.0 iD running shoes to exhibit their personal active style, so they took them along with us. These shoes are ultra flexible and have great traction, comfort and the utmost protection for little running feet. The Free 5.0’s are designed to support healthy muscle development as their feet grow. With Nike’s iD online building tool, you can customize the look of your own shoes to fit YOU. My kids spent a lot of time on these, they had a blast changing colors and laces with the Nike iD tool. Who would have thought it would be so fun to design shoes?!


Nike Free 5.0 iD Custom Running Shoes Designer


The Nike Free 5.0 shoe is light weight to ensure that you have a great run, no matter when or where. It is designed to be flexible and mimic the natural way your feet move as if you were running barefoot. When it’s time to design your pair, you will be able to choose almost every aspect of the shoe. Choose colors for the upper ad outer areas, the swoosh on the side of the shoe, the inner lining, the laces, the mid-sole, and even the name or initials on the tongue! My kids have enjoyed them, they are super energetic and have been running a muck! I would suggest ordering a half size up.


Kids Nike Free 5.0 Custom Running Shoes


Now that school has started, we will change up our routine a bit to make sure we get our exercise in. Anytime we go somewhere, the kids choose to wear their custom Nike Free 5.0 running shoes, I think they’re pretty excited about them. I am aiming to get at least 30 minutes of outdoor activity in per day for us all, we can do it!

How do you inspire your kids to get active, live a healthy lifestyle and dream big? I will suggest allowing them to design their own shoes to fit the bill, kids love to create. Both my son and daughter were so excited when they arrived that they couldn’t wait to lace them up and get outside! Stop by and customize your own Free 5.0 running shoes with your kids. They are available for men, women and children, sizes infant 2c all the way up to men’s 15. Play with the iD designer, it’s pretty cool to be able to make your very own shoes!


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