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10 Insanely Creative DIY Father’s Day Gifts for Dad He Will LOVE

We love these creative DIY Father’s Day gifts for dad. If you love getting crafty, nothing says love like a sweet homemade gift!

The 10 Best DIY Father's Day Gifts For Dad That he Will LOVE

Father’s Day gifts Dad will love

Father’s Day is this weekend, have you picked up a gift for the amazing dad in your life? No? Neither have I.


You can make him something awesome, right in your own home. What I love about DIY Father’s Day gifts for dad is that they are extremely affordable, and personal gifts mean so much. I haven’t have the time to get anything for my kids’ father, and I at least want to send a card to show he is appreciated. So, I turn to the web for some great ideas, y’all are creative!

Here are 10 DIY Father’s Day gift ideas, perfect for you to make with your kids for their awesome DAD!

10 DIY Father’s Day Gifts for Dad That He’ll Love

iDAD Father's Day card-with-envelope
1. iDad Father’s Day Card – The folks over at She Knows show you how to create this awesome iDAD card!

fathers day treat jar DIY gift

2. DIY Father’s Day Treat Jar Printable – Fill a jar full of dad’s favorite treats and adorn with this printable and some twine.

Daddyland Father's Day Coupon Book, Disney
3. Daddyland Father’s Day Coupon Book – If you’ve got a Disney loving dad, surprise him with this creative Daddyland printable coupon book, which is full of great breaks for dad. A nap, yard work help and a homecooked meal can be redeemed whenever he wants, what a great gift!

Paint Sample DIY Father's Day gift

4. Paint Sample DIY Father’s Day Gift – Grab your dad’s favorite color paint chips and write or draw different things on them to share why dad is so special.

Dad's DIY car wash kit gift 
5. Dad’s Car Wash Kit – Inner Child Fun shares this cute idea. If dad likes to wash his car at home, he’ll love this car wash bucket!

Fathers Day Gift Basket
6. Father’s Day Gift Basket – Grab a bunch of dad’s favorite items and some cash and put together this lovely Father’s Day gift basket! Delightful order shows you how.


7. Father’s Day Candy Bar Poster – I love this creative idea from Lil Luna, make a candy poster story about dad!

DIY Father's Day Goodie Bags, Little Family Fun
8. DIY Father’s Day Goodie Bags – I love these goodie bags, folded and shaped into a collar and tie just for dad.

grandfather brag book gift

9. Father’s Brag Book – This cute idea was made for Grandfather’s, but you could make one for any dad.

Fathers Day Tie Hershey Bar Holders
10. Father’s Day Tie Candy Bar Holders – What a great idea from Then She Made, candy bar holder pockets! Put dad’s favorite bar in, maybe even a little note to say Happy Father’s Day

If you want to make a simple card, this Father’s Day tie cards craft is perfect to make with kids!

What DIY Father’s Day gifts for dad are you making?

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