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6 Budget Bathroom Upgrades That Pay Off

Take a look at these cost-effective bathroom upgrades that pay off. If you need to spruce up your home you can bet that updating your bathroom is a sure-fire way to upgrading your home.

Love these budget friendly bathroom upgrades that pay off! Whether you're planning to sell your house or just want to update the bathrooms in your home, these cost effective ideas are really worth it.

Bathroom upgrade ideas

The bathroom may not be the biggest room in your house, but it does hold a lot of weight when it comes to the value of your home. It’s still an important one, the master bathroom carries about 10% of the home’s value. If you are smart about your bathroom renovations, you can not only have a fresh new bathroom to use but also increase the value, should selling your home be in your future.

Ways to update your home - the best ideas in bathroom upgrades that pay off

6 Bathroom Upgrades That Pay Off – Budget-Friendly!

If you are looking for bathroom upgrades that pay off, give some of these ideas a try. From the fixtures to the flooring and the walls, check out our easy ways to update a bathroom on a budget.

Updating your bathroom fixtures

Bathroom fixtures are under constant use in a home and therefore can become worn, tarnished, and unfortunately can look a little rough around the edges. Updating these features is an inexpensive and simple way to upgrade and fix any leaky faucets or dripping showerheads.

Freshen up the paint

Any time you freshen up the paint in a room it will give a nice new feel, as well as cover up built-up stains or peeling paint. A new color in a small room can make a big difference. Light colors can make a room look bigger, and a bold splash of color on one wall can bring vibrancy to a room that may not have much character.

Bathroom accessories make for great home decoration, one of the top budget friendly bathroom updates that pay off

Add worthwhile accessories

A small room such as the bathroom can easily become cluttered and messy. Simple accessories can add character and beauty to the bathroom while also offering space-saving storage and organization. Towel hangers, baskets, shower rods, and even new outlet covers add newness to a room without a large investment of either money or time.

Don’t replace your tub, re-glaze it

A white tub can easily show how well used it is no matter how well maintained and clean it is kept over time. Eventually, no amount of scrubbing will get it back to its original look. If your bathtub still has plenty of life left to it, you can re-glaze-it – a real budget bathroom upgrades that pay off! This may require some assistance from a family member or friend, or you can pay a professional to tackle this job.

Freshen up the bathroom flooring

You can go a couple of ways with the floor but elbow grease is first on the list. A new scrubbing brush, some cleaning products (you most likely have some household vinegar in your cupboard), and rolling up your sleeves for an hour or two can make a surprising result. If your flooring is beyond cleaning, consider investing in new. The smaller square space of a bathroom floor means it wouldn’t cost much to put in a new floor.

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Brighten up the tiles

If you are scrubbing the floors, take a minute to assess the grout in your tile. Is it still holding strong? If so, give it a good scrubbing to bring back the brightness. If you see that it is starting to crumble it might be time to re-grout your tile. This can be a weekend DIY project and can add newness to your bathroom without changing a thing.

What ideas do you have for bathroom upgrades that pay off?

The bathroom is a perfect place to start when you are upgrading your house, adding value to it means you’ll see results in a very short period of time. At the end of the day (or at the start or in the middle), it is somewhere everyone goes and is one of the first places guests, tenants or potential buyers will be sure to check out.

Over the toilet bathroom storage cabinet

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  • You have to be very careful in showing your home for your buyers. Make sure that the essential parts like the bathroom and kitchen are all good. Follow these steps so that you can be always ready if you might want to sell your property.

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