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Easy DIY Tissue Paper Pumpkin Favors Craft

These DIY tissue paper pumpkin favors are easy to make and an inexpensive craft idea. These fun surprise paper pumpkins can be stuffed with candy and other treats for Halloween parties and fall decorating.

Easy DIY Tissue Paper Pumpkin Favors Craft - make this easy candy-filled pumpkin Halloween party favor

A fun pumpkin treat idea

With the weather cooling and the stores full of costumes and candy corn, it can only mean one thing – it’s Halloween time! We love to celebrate Halloween with the kids with fun costumes, Halloween crafts, and of course, trick-or-treating.

We wanted to make some fun and festive Halloween favors for the kids to hand out to friends and decided that we could make cute little pumpkins out of tissue paper. These candy-filled pumpkin treat ideas are a fun way to get crafty together and make someone’s day this Halloween.

How to make pumpkins out of tissue paper

Tissue paper pumpkin Halloween party favors

We had a good time making these cute pumpkin treats out of tissue paper, which was so much fun! They are filled with a candy surprise that kids will love opening. You can hand these out at the school Halloween party, use them as fall decor, or give them as party favors at your fall and Thanksgiving gatherings.

Cute candy-filled pumpkin favors

So, how do you make paper pumpkins? With tissue paper? The key is to use layers of tissue paper to make these mini pumpkins. Once you fill them and close them up, they are ready to gift!

DIY tissue paper pumpkins for Halloween

Easy DIY Tissue Paper Pumpkin Favors Craft

To make this tissue paper pumpkin craft, you only need a few craft materials and some Halloween-themed candies to fill them with. Gather your orange tissue paper and other supplies and let’s get started!

Materials needed for this pumpkin craft:
makes 4 mini pumpkins

  • (4) squares of orange tissue paper
  • (4) pipe cleaners – green or brown
  • small, individually wrapped candies
  • school glue (clear-drying)
  • scissors

Materials needed for candy filled pumpkin treats

How to make pumpkins out of tissue paper

These pumpkins are fairly easy to make and require only a few steps. First, lay out (4) pieces of orange tissue paper on top of each other. Hold them together and cut them into (4) evenly-sized squares.

Place candies in the middle of each tissue paper square, leaving plenty of tissue paper available around the outside to pull together. We chose tootsie rolls for the candy since they are individually wrapped (for sanitary reasons), but we also filled up a couple of pumpkins with candy corn for ourselves!

Tissue paper squares and candy to make a pumpkin craft

You can also use other small candies, such as Starbursts, Jolly Ranchers, bubble gum, caramels, Now N’ Laters, peppermints, etc. I would avoid candy that melts easily.

Tie up the pumpkin stems and secure

Gather the edges of the tissue paper around the candy center, fold them over each other as you go around, and bring them up to a peak in the middle of the pumpkin. Tightly twist the tissue paper together at the top to make the stem.

How to make tissue paper pumpkin favors filled with candy and treats

Tie one of your pipe cleaners evenly around the base of the stem to secure it, making sure you have pipe cleaner sticking out of both sides. Twist into corkscrew curls with your index finger as desired. Glue down any tissue paper pieces on the stem that are sticking out or unraveling.

To shape the pumpkin treats craft, lightly squeeze the body of each pumpkin to shift the candy around, making them rounded and look pumpkin-shaped.

Make these easy pumpkin Halloween favors treat bags

Enjoy gifting these pumpkin Halloween party favors

We hope you enjoy making these fun pumpkin treat for kids! Our DIY tissue paper pumpkin craft is pretty easy to make and a fun surprise to hand out at school and they look so cute as fall pumpkin decor, and even on your Thanksgiving table this year.

Have a wonderful Halloween celebration and enjoy these other great ideas for Halloween fun!

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