DIY Crafts for Kids holidays

20 of The Best Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts for Kids To Make

These easy Thanksgiving turkey crafts for kids are lots of fun for the whole family! From paper plates to coffee filters and even juice boxes, you’ll love these turkey craft ideas for Thanksgiving.

20 of The Best Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts for Kids To Make

Easy turkey crafts for kids

Gobble gobble! It’s turkey season, which means we’re getting crafty and decorating the house with fun Thanksgiving projects! These Thanksgiving turkey crafts are so much fun to make together as a family.

Grateful turkey craft for kids

Turkey Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers & preschoolers

It’s November, which means the Thanksgiving holiday is near. If you enjoy crafting for Thanksgiving, you can make your favorite turkey crafts using paint, glue, craft paper, stickers, feathers, pine cones, paper plates, toilet paper rolls, and even your own hands and feet.

We love to do different Thanksgiving projects and of course, that means making fun turkey arts and crafts. We have even made edible Thanksgiving Rice Krispies Treats turkeys!

20 of The Best Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts for Kids to Make

These easy, hands-on, and kid-friendly crafts are fun to make for Thanksgiving. These can be great preschool turkey crafts, and even great for kindergarten and older elementary-aged kids.

Try one of these Thanksgiving turkey crafts for kids with your family this season!

Pine cone and foam Thanksgiving turkey craft kit

1. Pine cone and foam turkey craft kit – Oriental Trading Co.

I love these pine cone turkeys, and this kit has all of the materials you need to create them at home!

2. Colorful cupcake liner turkeys – Raising Little Superheroes

Cupcake liners and little hands make this cute turkey Thanksgiving craft for preschoolers.

3. Turkey hand and footprint – Fun Hand Print Art Blog

Use your hands and feet for this fun craft!

DIY turkey wreath Thanksgiving craft, Simply Being Mommy

4. DIY Turkey wreath craft – Simply Being Mommy

Tulle, ribbon, and a styrofoam wreath makes this fun and easy Turkey Day craft.

5. Popsicle stick turkeys – Life Beyond Laundry

Popsicle sticks and construction paper make this a fun Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids.

6. Tissue paper stained glass turkey – Meaningful Mama

Use your feet for this one and let the light shine through.

Thanksgiving crafts for kids, make these DIY Thanksgiving paper plate hats

7. Thanksgiving paper plate turkey hats – Honey + Lime

Paint and paper plates make a fun hat, a Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids they can actually wear!

8. Envelope turkey puppet – I Heart Crafty Things

Transform a standard #10 envelope into a fun painted turkey!

9. Turkeys in Disguise – Mom Dot

Hide your turkeys this Thanksgiving with these printable Turkeys in Disguise template! Create any kind of turkey you want, so fun!

More fun Thanksgiving turkey craft ideas

turkey juice box craft jinxy kids

10. Juice box turkey craft – Jinxy Kids

Decorate juice boxes for the holiday, what a fun Thanksgiving turkey craft and treat for the kids!

11. Thanksgiving styrofoam turkey cups – The Resourceful Mama

Who knew that you could make a turkey preschooler craft with feathers and styrofoam cups?

Paper plate turkey craft, Kid Things

12. Paper Plate Turkeys – Kid Things

Cut up and decorate paper plates for this fun turkey craft. Perfect for all ages.

13. Scrap ribbon pine cone turkeys – Fire Flies and Mud Pies

I love pine cone crafts, and this turkey one is no exception!

14. A thankful turkey book craft – B-Inspired Mama

“Teach gratitude with a thankful turkey book craft!”

Thanksgiving turkey door knob hanger craft, Fun Express

15. Turkey doorknob hanger Thanksgiving craft – Fun Express

Place foam stickers on a pre-cut door knob handle for this fun door hanger turkey!

16. Recycled tissue box turkey – Artsy Momma

Keep those tissue boxes and decorate them for Thanksgiving to make these fun turkey arts and crafts!

17. Toilet paper handprint turkey rolls – Moments of Mommyhood

What a fun way to reuse toilet paper rolls!

Fall leaves turkey craft - head outside to collect fallen leaves, such a fun Thanksgiving activity for kids

18. Terra Cotta pot turkeys – Crafty Morning

Spruce up those planters for Thanksgiving with these fun turkey craft ideas.

19. Fall leaves Thanksgiving turkey craft – Honey + Lime

Go outside and collect some real leaves for this fun activity!

20. Coffee filter tie-dyed turkeys – Busy Kids Happy Mom

What a fun way to use coffee filters, they make the turkey’s feathers!

What are your favorite Thanksgiving craft ideas?

I hope you love these easy Thanksgiving turkey crafts for kids. There are so many fun ideas to try at home with your family. Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!

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