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Easter Crafting With The Kids: DIY Paper Plate Watercolor Easter Baskets

These DIY paper plate watercolor Easter baskets are so awesome! This fun Easter craft for kids is perfect for gathering eggs on our dyed ombre Easter egg hunts!

Easter crafts for kids - Make your own paper plate watercolor Easter baskets craft

Can you believe that it’s already April? Spring is in the air, and Easter Sunday is around the corner. We’re getting ready around here with a few fun Easter activities, and this DIY paper plate watercolor Easter basket craft is one of them.

We had a little Easter fun this weekend with watercolor paints and paper plates. That’s right, we made the cutest little Easter basket craft and I can’t be happier about the way they turned out! This Easter craft for kids is so simple, grab a few materials that you probably already have at home, paint, assemble and and voila! My kids enjoyed making these, they will serve as our dining table centerpiece for Easter dinner.

Watercolor paints

DIY Paper Plate Watercolor Easter Baskets

Thanks for the idea, Kiwi Crate!


  • Paper plates (2 per basket)
  • watercolor paints
  • scissors
  • stapler

Making a paper plate Easter basket craft, prep the plate

Step 1: Mark the lines to follow on your paper plate

On the inside of the plate, draw a circle in the middle to the desired size. This will be the bottom of the basket. Next, draw 5 evenly spaced, curved lines from the outside of the circle in the middle to the edge of the plate. These will be cut. No need to draw perfect lines, this is the inside of the watercolor Easter basket and will not be seen.

Kids painting paper plates for an Easter craft

Step 2: Paint!

Time to get your paint on! Make sure you have a covered painting surface. Flip the plate over and paint the back of it. Make sure you paint all the way out to the edges of the plate, as these will the parts that are best seen on the basket. Allow paper plates to dry completely.

Cutting paper plates for an Easter basket craft

Step 3: Cut along the lines

When the plates are completely dry, cut along the curved liens you drew, stopping at the circle in the middle. DO NOT CUT THROUGH THE CIRCLE! This is the base of the basket, everything will fall out!

Stapling paper plates, making an Easter basket craft for kids

Step 4: Fold and staple

Fold each flap over the other, and staple together. Go all the way around the plate until all sides are stapled to each other.

Top handle of paper plate Easter basket craft, decorated with washi tape

Step 5: Make the handle

Cut a strip down the center of your second paper plate, mine are about 1 – 1/2 inch wide. Paint or decorate it how you wish, then affix in a rainbow fashion over the basket and staple it to each side. I used washi tape on my handles, but you could decorate them however you’d like.

Paper plate watercolor Easter baskets craft

Add your Easter grass and a few eggs, and you’re all finished! Didn’t these paper plate watercolor Easter baskets turn out beautiful?!  If you have little ones, these are the perfect sized baskets for an Easter egg hunt, or just to put a few little candies in. Make this cute Easter craft with your kiddos at home, you’ll enjoy it! Now, we’ll have to arrange these on our dining table and dye some real eggs to put in them!

Have a great Easter Sunday!


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