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My Favorite Photos from Our Trip To Big Bear

kids snow play and inner tube slides, Big Bear, CA



As San Diegeans, we don’t really do snow. My kids had never seen it, so I decided to take a little staycation to Big Bear, California! It is located in the San Bernardino mountains, about a 2 hour drive from where we live.


Beautiful shot of the snow covered Big Bear mountains


It has been a warm summer, but lucky for us, there are places that make artificial snow for people to play in. We got the best of both worlds: a 60 degree temperature near Big Bear Lake, and a bit of snow in the mountains! Since we didn’t have quite enough people to rent a big cabin, we stayed at the Lagonita Lodge in Big Bear. These lakefront condo-style rooms can fit the whole family, are perfect for a short stay, affordable, and very close to The Village, shops, restaurants and all of the lake and mountain activities.


Here are a few of my favorite photos from our trip to Big Bear…


Girl making a snow ball in Big Bear, CA

Tubing down the hill at Alpine Slide, Big Bear Snow Play

Vew of Big Bear Lake from Lagonita Lodge Hotel

Fallen pine cone, Big Bear Mountains

Girl relaxing on a snow tube, Big Bear, CA

Going up the ski lift to ride the Alpine Slide in Big Bear

Looking down at Alpine Slide riders from the ski lift, Big bear, CA

Mom and son snow tube racing, head first

Abandoned kayak overlooking Big Bear Lake



Big Bear is a great weekend family getaway! If you are in Southern California and are looking to play in the snow, Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain has a snow play and inner tube sliding area which they say they will make snow for until Easter. If you just want to relax in a calm, tranquil lake atmosphere, there are plenty of things to do. We had a great time on our short weekend stay!

All photos were taken at Big Bear Lake, Lagonita Lodge, Alpine Slide and Magic Mountain, and their snow play area. Visit for more information.


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